Thank you and Good Night

A fitting end to an outstanding career.

11 years, 291 internationals, infinite moments, emotions and experiences, friendships, victories and defeats.
All that I was in my hockey career experience.

Today I’m gonna be the last time I competed in the beg for it. One last time to give everything for Germany, the team and for me an Olympic Medal to win.
I love hockey, I love the sport and I have and will always do everything for the sport. I have many setbacks in my career and experience in life and every single one of them is worth something, and has helped me to learn…
I’ve been able to celebrate many successes and every single one of them has its own story.
I would like to thank all those who shaped my path, accompanied me, criticized me, made me better, to me and have inspired me.
I would like to thank everyone with whom I had the honour to be allowed to play together. For me, that you’re in my way and have put up with my ego.
I would like to thank my friends, the patient, a friend of the last 10 years with almost all holidays, parties and personal moments missed, the moody was if it was not appropriate and euphoric if it has no one understood.
I would like to thank all the support for the support and wind, I feel for many years.
And finally, I would like to thank my family.
Without you I’d be somewhere, but not here. I love you.
In my last game at an Olympic Medal to play is an honor and a privilege.
I will give anything and this team has earned it.
I salute you and say:
Bye, bye, and please please dear Germany: Delight in one of the greatest things in the world – the sport!
Your mo

3 medals


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