Mercian Hockey Launch Exciting New Fantasy League

We are sure that you, like us, have seen numerous social media posts from the guys at Mercian Hockey with the hashtags #TeamYellow, #TeamWhite and other various colours over the last few weeks but what does this mean?

We caught up with the Global Media Manager at Mercian, Jade Bloomfield, and put that exact question to him.

“At Mercian Hockey we live hockey and like to be bold with our engagement of our players.

The new rebranding has been a complete success and better than we could have expected.

Our new Evolution range of adult sticks are all number 0.1 to 0.9. As well as the numbering, each stick has its own individual colour.  It is this colour that they have become better known as”.

“We are engaging with our players across the world to join in to fantasy teams based on the colour of the stick.  Hence #TeamYellow, #TeamRed etc was born.  Players are then encouraged to post onto social media using the team hastag, tweeting the number of clean sheets for the defenders and GK’s, Assists for Midfielders and Goals for forwards.  These results are then being collated into a league table with prizes on offer”.

So what is Mercian Hockey’s most successful stick?   Only you can answer that question by tweeting and posting your results along with any photos and video from your matches.  Keep on eye out for the weekly league table where points are awarded to #TeamMercian players in each game they play.

3 pts for a clean sheet

1 pt for an assist

1 pt for a goal.

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