Changes to Hockey World Cups plus match timing Regulations approved by FIH Executive Board

  • 2018 Hockey World Cup to feature new format

  • 2022 Hockey World Cup to be 16 team event

  • 4 x 15 minutes becomes universal for all international hockey matches

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) Executive Board has agreed a number of changes to the forthcoming Hockey World Cups as well as adopting four quarters of 15 minutes for international hockey matches at all levels.

These were the key decisions taken during FIH Executive Board meetings at the Hockey Revolution Part 2 Conference in Dubai in November.

The FIH Competitions Committee recommended changes to the Hockey World Cups, which the FIH Executive Board approved. With the 2018 Hockey World Cup moving to a 16 team event, changes to the format are as follows:

  • 4 pools of 4 teams each
  • Winners of each pool qualifies for Quarter-Finals
  • Last placed team in each Pool eliminated
  • Crossovers between 2nd and 3rd in each of the Pools to determine the other four Quarter-Final teams
  • Losers of crossovers eliminated
  • Losers of Quarter-Finals eliminated
  • Semi-Finals and medal matches then take place
  • Ranking of eliminated teams based on their performance at the time of elimination

It was also decided that the 2022 Hockey World Cup would also be a 16 team competition, per gender. As a result, the next two editions of the event can be staged over 16 days which will include three weekends.

Another key decision taken was to make all international hockey matches four quarters of 15 minutes in length. This will come into effect on 1 January 2017.

Whilst this was agreed by the FIH Executive Board in November, it was decided that the decision was made too close to the start of the Hockey Junior World Cups, which is why those competitions were still played using the existing Rules of Hockey relating to two halves of 35 minutes.

For a full breakdown of all key decisions taken at the Hockey Revolution Part 2 Conference and 45th FIH Congress in Dubai, click here.

Author: FIH

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