Top European indoor hockey comes to Dundee next week

MJV Dundee Wanderers will host the EuroHockey Women’s Indoor Club Cup at the Dundee International Sports Complex from 23-25 February.

This is the European Hockey Federation’s (EHF) premier indoor club competition and features the top eight club teams in Europe.

Wanderers gained promotion to the top tier of European indoor hockey by winning the silver medal at the Trophy event in Lithuania in 2017 – a huge success for hockey in Scotland.

In addition to Carmin Dow and Emily Dark, two current Scottish internationalists, the tournament will feature many of the stars of the recent FIH World Indoor Hockey Championships.

These include gold medallists from Germany: Janne Muller-Wieland and Marie Mavers of UHC Hamburg; as well as silver Medallists, Marjin Veen and Noor de Baat of AH&BC; and three bronze medal winners, Sviatlana Bahushevich, Nadzeya Silitskaya , Yuliya Kurhanskaya of GHC Ritm Grodno.

Competing clubs

HC Rotweiss Wettingen (Swittzerland)

MSC Sumchanka (Ukraine)

AH&BC (The Netherlands)

GHC Ritm Grodno (Belarus)

Club Campo de Madrid (Spain)

UHC Hamburg (Germany)

SV Arminem (Austria)

MJV Dundee Wanderers (Scotland)

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