Australia defeats England in Azlan Shah Cup clash


The Kookaburras have overcome torrential rain to defeat England 4-1 in their first appearance at the Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia.

The start if the match was delayed due to a downpour of rain but once the match was underway it was Australia who poured on the goals.

Dylan Wotherspoon (15’), Blake Govers (19’), Aaron Kleinschmidt (28’) and Lachlan Sharp (39’) were the goal scorers for Australia. Phil Roper (25’) was the only English player to score.

Australia looked switched on early as Dylan Wotherspoon opened the scoring in the 15th minute of play.

Some fantastic dribbling and a well-placed pass from Daniel Beale created an open shot for Wotherspoon who converted with a powerful flick into the right corner.

Ogilvie was everywhere in the first half and he looked to setup each of Australia’s entries into the circle. In the 19th minute he found some space and launched a shot at goal that ultimately deflected off of Govers for the Kookaburras’ second goal.

England were able to regain some composure and controlled play for the remainder of the first half. A number of attacks, including two shots in as many seconds, were repelled by the Mercian clad, Australian goalkeeper Tyler Lovell.

England were able to sneak their first and only goal through Phil Roper in the 25th minute of the match. Roper duped the Australian defence with a classy double touch before putting the ball in the back of the net.

Australia responded to the Roper goal with some classy play starting in the back half, a series of quick passes saw Aaron Kleinschmidt in the perfect position to strike just before halftime. Kleinschmidt converted and Australia entered the half with a 3-1 lead.

The second half started with a flurry of action. England had several shots on goal thanks to some impressive set pieces and Australian Trent Mitton was sent off with a green card for an incident at the center of the pitch.

Young Kookaburras Lachlan Sharp scored the final goal of the game in the 39th minute of action with a rather impressive deflection off an Australian set piece. As his teammates gathered around him in celebration, it was clear that Australia would close out the game.

England’s Mark Gleghorne received a green card in the 47th minute of the match and Australia was happy to maintain control of the play for the remainder of the match.

Through some impressive defensive work from Captain Mark Knowles, Australia was able to finish the match without conceding another score, defeating England 4-1.

The Kookaburras will next be in action on Sunday from 11:30pm AEDT against hosts Malaysia.

Australia 4
Goal Scorers:
Dylan Wotherspoon 15’, Blake Govers 19’, Aaron Kleinschmidt 28′ & Lachlan Sharp 39′

England 1

Goal Scorers:

Phil Roper 25’

Images: PMFSportsImages

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