Trouble in Argentina as Retegui returns as Head Coach

“They betrayed us, they lied to us in the face, they disrespected us and left us exposed to an unmanageable situation” 

In a sensational U-turn former Argentina Head Coach, Carlos Retegui returns to the  Los Leones.

Last month the hockey world learned that Retegui had taken the decision to step down from his role with the Argentina national team, citing in an exclusive interview with Hockey World News that he had lost the fire and energy after 5 years of leading the Los Leones.

“My decision was taken with my head not with my heart, always educate that the team is on the individuals, and my energy in the national team ran out, so I made that decision, thinking about the best for the national team. I only have words of thanks to the players, and the family of world hockey.  Sure will come new projects, where I can find the sacred fire to give the best of me.” Said Retegui.

“It was an honour to be the head coach of Argentina for 5 years where we arrived at the Olympic gold, now a break to be able to analyse new challenges, my future can be in hockey with new projects, also in football, or in the Olympic Committee, thank you very much for your concern” he continued.

However, 6 weeks later, Retegui returns.  This time as Head Coach of Argentina Hockey, meaning Carlos would also oversee the women’s team, a role he has had once before, as well as the men.  Is this the project that he was waiting for? Retegui did say to HWN that he would love to take over Great Britain and England as Head Coach.  A huge challenge and one that Retegui would have been a leading contender for if Bob Crutchley’s position ever became unstable.

Retegui now, however, faces one of the most significant challenges of his coaching career, as two of his leading and most influential players in the dressing room, and undoubtedly world hockey, have today released statements that they are stepping down and taking a break from international hockey.

Augustin Mazzilli and Gonzalo Peillat have released a hard-hitting statement.  Condemning the Argentine Hockey Association “they betrayed us, they lied to us in the face, they disrespected us and left us exposed to an unmanageable situation”.


“The position we took with Gonzalo Peillat, on the day of yesterday, to make a break in the selected one, is the result of the bad handling and the decisions that the Argentine Hockey Confederation has made, under the command of President Miguel Grasso.
On Friday, February 16, the referees of the Argentine hockey team were summoned to a meeting with Carlos Retegui, in which he informed us of his disengagement from “Los Leones”.

Their reasons were: Is lack of energy necessary to be in command of the Olympic champion team, training every day and face each tour and tournament. Exactly the same thing he shared in his resignation note on social networks. Therefore, he said that it was the end of his cycle and he wanted to continue his career in the world of soccer, where he was already working with Carlos Tevez.
Following this news, the players of “Los Leones” supported this decision unanimously and understood that it was a finished cycle.

On Monday, February 19, the confederation began the search for the successor technical body.
On February 26, we left for Malaysia with an interim technical body and the presence of the president of the Confederation, Miguel Grasso, in our delegation. During this trip, we had repeated meetings with him, in which he told us that the decision of the confederation was that Retegui was not going to be the coach of “Los Leones” and neither was the Head Coach. Since our last meeting with Grasso, until March 22, the confederation had not specified the hiring of the new technical body.
On March 23, through social networks, we learned about the re-hiring of Retegui, not only as the coach of “Los Leones”, but also as the Head Coach of all national teams.
Without knowing if this was planned or was the result of a political management, Retegui without any explanation, returns with a double function, which demands much more work, energy and time.

Reasons why, he had resigned the same position 5 weeks ago.
Gonzalo and I always put the Argentine shirt on top of everything. Playing all tournaments, friendly and always available.
Our step to the side is because they betrayed us, they lied to us in the face, they disrespected us and left us exposed to an unmanageable situation”

Where does this now leave the Olympic Champions?  Gonzalo Peillat and Agustin Mazzilli are by far the most influential players in the dressing room.  The pair of them almost single handily leading the team to triumph after triumph.  Two players that the team have relied on so heavily to win games.  At the recent Sultan Aslan Shah cup, Argentina didn’t have the best of times, under the tutelage of Rolando Rivero, finishing third over all scoring 14 goals, 8 of those coming from Gonzalo Peillat.

Photos: World Sport Pics

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