Jonker and Harte reflect on harsh final act of strong Kampong season

SV Kampong legend Constantijn Jonker said he “refused to be extremely disappointed” in the wake of the EHL final defeat to HC Bloemendaal last Sunday, the last act of 14 years with the club’s first team.

He was hoping to retire alongside Quirijn Caspers, Philip Meulenbroek and Sjoerd de Wert with a rare EHL-Hoofdklasse double but it was not to be.

As such, it was an emotional end to a fine career with the Utrecht club’s first team, gaining promotion back in the day to winning their first silverware in over 30 years in 2016 with the EHL.

Two Hoofdklasse titles followed but the second EHL crown eluded them last Sunday against hosts Bloemendaal.

“This is intense for me,” Jonker said to in the wake of the final. “I spent 25 years at Kampong. That is now over. Maybe next year I will play at a different club in a lower team but that will be purely to stay busy. Kampong will always be my club!

“I refuse to be extremely disappointed. I am proud of this season. Everybody knows how emotional it was for me and how intensely I experienced the past few weeks.

“But let’s not pretend it is disappointing; we retained the national title; the double would have been great.”

David Harte, meanwhile, was magnanimous in defeat, saying that his side just could not summon another big performance.

“Bloemendaal was stronger over the 60 minutes,” the goalkeeper – who had an impressive game – said to

“They had more opportunities. We really relied on our counter in difficult conditions. We really missed someone like [the injured Lars] Balk. Anyway, those are just excuses. We just did not bring what we could do from last week.

“It is hard to say now, but I am so proud of the team, especially for the league title. We tried to do it today for the boys who meant so much to the club and with whom we have friendships for life. We were so close to the double but the feeling remains that we really gave it everything.”

EHL Hockey TV | Images: WorldSportPics

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