Bolivia makes history and wins its first international match

For Bolivia and the fans at the Félix Capriles stadium wining this game was as if they had won the World League. The women’s hockey team won its first international match this afternoon by beating Paraguay 4-1 in second day of the Cochabamba South American Games 2018.

The triumph was celebrated by the more than 250 fans who came to the stadium to encourage the team and to discover, incidentally, a sport that is seen and play for the first time in Bolivia.

It was Pardo herself who opened the score. “I received the ball, I saw the space and without thinking I hitted the ball. It was spectacular. I dreamed it all my life, since I start following hockey on TV and Internet”. She scored at the 10’.

Paraguay equilized the score in the minute 34’, but it was Pardo again who after a good collective combination managed to score with a touch under the goal two minutes later.

Bolivia, who was playing the second international match today, wanted more. The coach Daniel Santi ordered the team to continue attaking. Daniela Caballo scored the third goal when she capitalized a penaly corner. Alicia Villaroel scroed the last goal to seal the victory.

The hugs at the end of the game, the tears of joy from some players and the festive applause of the fans characterized a historic day. Today the names Pardo, Caballo, Villaroel, Santos, Sánchez, Cruz and, in general, the whole team, are known in the region and considered, Bolivian Heroes.

Bolivia will play Chile on Sunday (1:00 p.m.) – last game of group B.

PanAm Hockey | Photo: Oscar Munoz Badilla

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