Leurink brings new zest to SCHC as Zerbo scores four

International Laurien Leurink had little trouble making an impression at her new club SCHC, after the transfer from Laren. At the start of the competition against the meager Bloemendaal, after seventeen minutes of hockey, there was 3-0 on the scoreboard, thanks to a goal and a brilliant assist from the midfielder. The counter finally stopped at 8-0, after four goals from striker Ginella Zerbo.

At the exit of the big league, acquisitions Delfina Merino and Laurien Leurink immediately showed that they are a great reinforcement for the ambitious SCHC, which for the first time operated with the new coach Nettie van Maasakker and Lucas Judge.

Already within a few minutes Merino – world player of the year – was twice dangerous in the Bloemendaal circle. But it was the other acquisition Leurink who rewarded SCHC’s offensive hockey on the scoreboard. First, Leurink pushed from right over Diana Beemster: the first goal of the main league competition 2018/2019. A striking penalty kick from goaltie thief Ginella Zerbo followed, after which Leurink put the Bloemendaal defense into the laps with a wonderful pass by at the head of the circle. After that, the cross was tailor-made for Merino, which could easily hit the 3-0.

Laurien Leurink immediately scored at her debut for SCHC. Photo: Willem Vernes

With the 3-0 lead, SCHC seemed to take back some gas, Bloemendaal in turn tried to put pressure on occasionally, but SCHC sometimes hocked through it. Exactly such a situation, ensured that the Bilthoven team could take the first penalty corner just before half time. Caia van Maasakker pushed that penalty corner to the left of the goal.


SCHC scored after the break. After a backhand pass from captain Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, Zerbo made it 4-0 completely free, her second of the afternoon.

Goalgetter Ginella Zerbo also continues to score in the new season. The striker scored four times against Bloemendaal. Photo: Willem Vernes

After Caia van Maasakker pushed the 5-0 inside on her second attempt from the top of the circle, coach Van Maasakker found it time to change the English keeper Maddie Hinch for reserve keeper Roos Knijff, for the last quarter. After another good action from Leurink, Zerbo seemed to make it 6-0, but she stranded on Beemster. Kyra Fortuin quickly scored the 6-0 after that. Goalgetter Zerbo brilliantly tipped the 7-0 and scored the 8-0 just before time.
SCHC – Bloemendaal (8-0)
14 ‘ 1-0 SCHC Laurien Leurink
15 ‘ 2-0 (sb) SCHC Ginella Zerbo
17 ‘ 3-0 SCHC Delfina Merino
39 ‘ 4-0 SCHC Ginella Zerbo
52 ‘ 5-0 (sc) SCHC Caia van Maasakker
63 ‘ 6-0 SCHC Kyra Fortune
69 ‘ 7-0 SCHC Ginella Zerbo
70 ‘ 8-0 SCHC Ginella Zerbo

via Hockey.NL

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