Late Hertzberger goal sees Netherlands beat England

A goal from Jeroen Hertzberger six minutes from time fired the Netherlands to a 2-1 victory over England at the Four Nations in Valencia.

Thierry Brinkman had given the Dutch the lead in the first half before Barry Middleton equalised in the final quarter. However that wasn’t to be the end of the scoring as Hertzberger scored a late winner.

Speaking after the game, head coach Danny Kerry said: “We are absolutely delighted with our performance. It was a tight and even game and we carried plenty of threat and created opportunities. Equally, we were strong in defence.

“Unfortunately a late yellow card was the difference in the scoreline. I was very proud of the standard of our performance today.”

In the opening quarter it was the Dutch who took the lead as Brinkman scored a field goal after 13 minutes. There were no further goals in the second quarter as the Netherlands took their lead into the half-time break.

A tightly contested third quarter saw two cards awarded but no goals as the Dutch entered the final fifteen minutes still in the lead. However with 12 minutes remaining the scores were levelled as Middleton equalised for England.

With six minutes remaining though the Dutch restored their lead as Hertzberger fired home to claim victory for the Netherlands.

England XI: George Pinner, David Ames, Henry Weir, Harry Martin, Chris Griffiths, Ian Sloan, Mark Gleghorne, Phil Roper, Barry Middleton, Brendan Creed, David Goodfield

Subs (Used): Harry Gibson, Luke Taylor, Adam Dixon, David Condon, Jack Waller, James Gall, Zach Wallace

England Hockey | World Sport Pics

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