Red Lions Chosen for the World Cup

This Sunday, November 4 evening, Red Lions coach Shane McLeod unveiled the list of 18 players who will take part in the World Cup in India at the end of this month. Two reserve players are also planned to mitigate a possible injury or other. These two players will not be traveling and will remain on stand-by in Belgium.

Discover below the list of 18 players.


Red Lions Selection – Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup, Bhubaneswar 2018


  • Vincent Vanasch
  • Loic Van Doren


  • Arthur De Sloover
  • Arthur Van Doren
  • Loïck Luypaert
  • Alexander Hendrickx
  • Gauthier Boccard
  • Emmanuel Stockbroekx


  • Simon Gougnard
  • John John Dohmen
  • Victor Wegnez
  • Felix Denayer


  • Sébastien Dockier
  • Cédric Charlier
  • Tom Boon
  • Thomas Briels
  • Florent van Aubel


  • Nicolas De Kerpel


  • Antoine Kina
  • Augustin Meurmans


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