Hockey fans all over the World like to know about the all 6 teams of 23rd Champions Trophy (CT) commence from today

In spite of FIH’s media kit the following compilation are useful, here it is:

1.0 Netherlands (NED) – World Ranking (WR): 1, Coach: Alyson Annan, Captain: Goede de Eva, Current Titles: World Cup (London-2018); World League (Auckland-2017); Europeans Nations Cup (Amsterdam-2017), In CT: Appearances (App)-21; Matches Played(MP)-123; Won(W)-72; Drawn(D)-27*; Lost(L)-24; Goals For(GF)-256; Goals Against(GA)-134, Best Finish(BF): 6 Gold Medals
(1987,2000,04,05,07,11),Biggest Ever Wins(BEW)-beat Germany 8-1 in 2005, Worst Defeat(WD)-lost to   Argentina 2-4 in 2010,Records: Most Medals-11(3G-3S-5B) by  Minke Smeets Smabers;  Most Goals-34 by  Maartje Paumen.
*wins 3 and lost 2 in tie breaker/shoot out, as in total matches win/loss in tie breaker/shoot out are reflected under drawn.

2.0 Great  Britain(GBR) – WR: 2, Coach: David Ralph, Captain: Hollie Pearne-Webb, Current Titles: Olympic Champions (Rio de Janerio-2016); In CT: App-12;MP-70; W-19; D-14*; L-37; GF-82; GA-136, BF: 1 Silver Medal(2012), BEW-beat New Zealand  5-0 in 1987, WD-lost to China 0-9 in 2009,Records: Helen Richardson-Walsh scored the 1300th goal  of CT history.
*wins 2 and lost 0 in tie breaker/shoot out. England records merged with Great Britain

3.0 Australia (AUS) – WR: 3, Coach: Paul Gaudion, Captain: Emily Smith, Current Titles: Oceania Champions (Sydney-2017); In CT: App-20;MP-117; W-64; D-25*; L-28; GF-248; GA-136, BF: 6 Gold Medals(1991,93,95,97,99,2003),BEW-beat New Zealand  8-0 in 1987, WD-lost to Argentina 1-5 in 2009,Records: Five in row triumphs during 1991-99,captain Rechelle Hawkes as a captain won  the CT 3-in-row(1993-97),Jackie Pereira scored the first ever goal of the CT history on June 21,1987 in Amstelveen(Amsterdam).*wins 3 and lost 4 in tie breaker/shoot out.

4.0 Argentina (ARG) – WR: 4, Coach: Agustin Corradini, Captain: Delfina Merino, Current Titles: Reigning Champions (London-2016);Pan Am Cup(Lancaster-2017), In CT: App-17;MP-102; W-53; D-27*; L-22; GF-212; GA-136, BF: 7 Gold Medals(2001,08,09,10,12,14,16),BEW-beat New Zealand  6-0 in 2004, WD-lost to Australia 2-4 in 1999,Records: Most Titles: 7, Luciana Aymar have 3 records-most 6 Gold medals; most 15 appearances  and most 88 matches played,  Agustina Habif and Florencia Habif are the Golden Siblings, both have won the Gold Medals in 2014 and 2016. *wins 3 and lost 4 in tie breaker/shoot out.

5.0 China(CHN) – WR: 11, Coach: Yong Sheng Huang, Captain: Cui Qiuxia, Current Titles: Nil; In CT: App-13;MP-77; W-18; D-23*; L-36; GF-115; GA-144, BF: 1 Gold Medal(2002), BEW-beat England  7-0 in 2009, WD-lost to Argentina 2-7 in 2014,Records:Zhao Yudiao scored the 1200th  goal   of CT history.
*wins 3 and lost 2 in tie breaker/shoot out.

6.0 Japan(JPN) – WR: 14, Coach: Anthony Farry, Captain: Natsuki Naito, Current Titles: Asian Games Champions(Jakarta-2018); In CT: App-4;MP-24; W-5; D-2; L-17; GF-29; GA-56, BF: 5th(2007,12), BEW-beat Spain 2-0 in 2007, WD-lost to Australia and Netherlands 1-4 in 2012 and 2014 respectively, Records: Zhao Yudiao scored the 1200th  goal  of CT history.


BJ Joshi

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