World Champions Under Investigation

The Gaming Commission opens an investigation into possible illegal betting by players and / or staff members of the Red Lions.

It is about 20 matches from 2015 up to and including the 2018 World Cup, confirms Marc Coudron, chairman of the hockey federation.

According to the newspapers La Dernière Heure and La Libre, three players of the new world champions are in the scope of an investigation. The hockey association has confirmed that it has been contacted by the gambling committee. There would be gambling behaviour at competitions during the previous World Cup, the World Cup before, but also the Belgian League and the Euro Hockey League.

“We are at the stage where the Gaming Commission gathers information, which is not a police investigation,” says Denis Van Damme, director of marketing and communication at the Belgian Hockey Federation KBHB, contrary to what is in the paper. “We responded to the question from the aforementioned committee, which requested a copy of the competition magazines of the Red Lions in India.”

According to our information, a police investigation has started, but that is still in an initial phase. Should the public prosecutor decide to start a judicial investigation, the hockey association would like to cooperate fully.

“Of course we will work as KBHB with the competent authorities,” says Van Damme, who emphasizes that every player present in India was aware of the ban on gambling on a match of the Belgians or another country present in the tournament. .

“We contacted them and asked whether they were involved in online betting, and nobody responded positively”, continues Van Damme. “Now the question arises whether the ban also applies to a member of the team that was not selected for the tournament or even to a member of the staff who was not on the competition sheet.

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