The Final Four Decided But Is It Fair?

So today saw the end of the #FIHProLeague regular season.

The final four heading to the #GrandFinals have been confirmed, Kookaburras, Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain but not all seems right and fair.

Cast your minds back to the rain effected Argentina Vs Germany match back in February. The match was cancelled due to torrential rain, points were shared, well, only 2 of the 3 points where shared. What happened to the final point?

Should that have been shared too, both teams take 1.5 points from the match. Or, after the away match in Germany, a shootout for the deciding point.

This is the exact time when the International Hockey Federation (FIH) would like the ground to open up and hide them for a week or so. Their decision not to split the final point and have this match as the ONLY ProLeague match this year to only have two points awarded instead of three has ultimately cost Argentina Hockey a place in the Grand Finals.

We are not saying it’s right or wrong, but it certainly gives food for thought.

What are your views?

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