British Exodus Continues as Hannah Martin Joins Hurley.

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Hannah Martin will say goodbye to England & Great Britain for at least one season as she is set to join Hurley in next year’s team as a foreign draft pick, joining a host of other players moving overseas. Martin, still playing in the English Premier League at Surbiton has helped her club become the […]

Santi Frexia set to leave Amsterdam

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Santi Freixa (38) is in his last season as head coach for the men of Amsterdam. The expiring contract of the former Spanish international will not be extended, because the desired results have not yet been achieved. The big league announced this on Wednesday afternoon via the club site. Freixa, who in the past also wore the […]

Kick in the teeth for Harte as Hoofdklasse considered ‘amateur’ competition

MdW Amsterdam Kampong David Harte

While last Thursday’s deferral of the EY Hockey League’s has seen many at the top end of the game question what esteem Ireland’s top competition holds locally, David Harte is enduring the same travails in the Netherlands. Widely regarded as the world’s best club league, the Hoofdklasse was put on hold following a lengthy meeting […]

Foreign competitions: hockey is still played in Belgium

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Now that our own competition has come to a halt, we are doing a tour of the fields in other countries. What about Dutch hockey players abroad? A look at the Belgian competition with Bob de Voogd, Valerie Magis, Roos Knijff and Milan van Baal among others. The hockey competition continues in Belgium. However, the rules were tightened […]

The KNHB mounts the barricade for the seniors and the big league

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The KNHB goes up the barricade for senior hockey players and the big league-competition. The hockey association believes that senior hockey players, just like youth up to the age of 18, should be able to train in groups and play matches among themselves. Director Erik Gerritsen also argues that the Hoofdlasse Dames and Tulp Hoofdlasse Heren, just […]

Analysis: top hockey players are allowed to stick their heads above ground level more often

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The statement of Lidewij Welten on Instagram on Wednesday, who was disappointed that she was portrayed as an amateur athlete, was imitated en masse. Earlier this year, Terrance Pieters spoke extensively about racism in De Volkskrant. This promotion also received a lot of attention. It pays off for top hockey players to speak up, more than they have done so […]

Sterk Den Bosch remains undefeated and humiliates SCHC

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Still without captain Marloes Keetels, the strong Den Bosch did not get into trouble against top team Stichtsche, which seriously wants to compete for the national title, but received hockey lessons at the Oosterplas on Sunday. The 4-0 final score was a blow to the team from Bilthoven.

Round-up HK (D): Den Bosch well past SCHC (4-0), hdm wins again

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Den Bosch has won on the fifth matchday in the Dutch Hoofdklasse against SCHC: 4-0. HDM also won again. Bloemendaal was beaten 2-1 at home. Hurley recorded the first win of the season by beating Laren 1-0 and Pinoké was too strong for the Oranje-Rood (3-0)

Round-up Tulip HK (H): Bloemendaal wins top match, Tilburg takes first point

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On the fifth match day in the Tulp Hoofdklasse Bloemendaal won the top match against HGC 3-2. Tilburg took the first point of the season by drawing 1-1 against Amsterdam in the Wagener Stadium. Kampong defeated Den Bosch 2-1 and Sebastien Dockier personally gave his team Pinoké the victory against Oranje-Rood (2-3).

With undiminished passion and ambition, Oltmans starts working at Kampong

Today Roelant Oltmans leads his first training at Kampong with undiminished ambition and passion. On Monday it was announced that the now 66-year-old coach has signed a four-year contract with the national champion of 2017 and 2018. “Age is not an issue,” says Oltmans. “I feel 35, I called out somewhere. If the passion and ambition were no […]