Free Agent Reid-Ross snapped up by THC Hurley

Justin Reid-Ross will be seen in the Hoofdklasse once again next season – as he stays in the Amsterdamse Bos. The South African penalty corner specialist signed a commitment to Hurley on Thursday evening. “I am happy that it is now complete, in the end it was an easy choice for me,” said the 33-year-old defender.

Reid-Ross now has all clubs in the Amsterdamse Bos to his name. He started his career in the Netherlands in 2010 with Pinoké, after four years he moved to Amsterdam. “The Amsterdamse Bos tour is now complete,” says Reid-Ross jokingly. “I think it is a unique fact. There are a few Dutch hockey players who have also played at all clubs in the Amsterdamse Bos, but I think I am one of the few foreign players. In that sense, choosing Hurley was an easy one, because I don’t have to change a lot in my life. I just stay nice in Amsterdam. “

Family man

In two weeks, the defender will touch 34. His contract with Amsterdam was not renewed after six seasons. “It is a pity how it ended at Amsterdam,” he looks back. ‘But I will always say that I proudly put on the Amsterdam shirt. I doubted for a long time if I wanted to continue with top hockey. It has just been messy lately. The hockey that suddenly came to a halt due to the coronavirus, the way I left Amsterdam and I was incredibly busy at work and with family matters. My wife and I are both South African and our parents do not live in the Netherlands. So we don’t have grandparents who can help us here to take care of our son. ”

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Justin Reid-Ross in the kit of Amsterdam. Photo: Koen Suyk

Reid-Ross is a real family man and Hurley cleverly responded to that. “Hurley is a real family club, which I really like. Yesterday they were suddenly at the door of the board with a Hurley shirt for my son and flowers for my wife. That also played a role, it made it easier for me to choose Hurley. If, for example, I have a busy working week during the season and cannot get to the evening training, I have the opportunity to take care of my son. I assume that I am fully committed to the club, but it is nice that that option is available at this club. ‘

Need time

Top hockey commissioner Andy McConnell had a long prey for Reid-Ross’s signature. “It has indeed taken a long time, but we haven’t spent much time with it,” says McConnell. “We surveyed him a while ago after it was announced that he would not continue with Amsterdam. Justin asked us to think about it and we gave him that space. After a week he joined the training to taste the atmosphere and see what was on our field. That was of course a very positive signal for us. “

 The acquisitions are super good. That also played a part for me, that Hurley can attract this kind of hockey players.Justin Reid-Ross

Reid-Ross: ‘I already know a number of boys. It is an incredibly fun and energetic group. The acquisitions are super good. That also played a part for me, that Hurley can attract this kind of hockey players. I have also known Andy for a long time. I have often played against that. I had some good conversations with him. I think it will be a very nice season with this selection. I get a different role myself than in Amsterdam. More focus on the young players and above all enjoyment. I think that’s the most important thing. “

‘Money is not an issue’

Did Hurley have to dig deep to attract the penalty corner phenomenon? “No, we don’t have the budget of a Kampong, Bloemendaal or an Amsterdam,” says McConnell. “That’s also something we reported to Justin. He said that he is no longer in that phase of his career that money plays a major role and that he fully understands that Hurley does not come with the same amounts as a club like Amsterdam. That was not what he was about, he mainly wants to have fun on the hockey field. When he made it clear to himself that he wanted to continue playing hockey and made the choice for Hurley, the contract was drawn up and signed in no time. We are incredibly happy to welcome Justin and his family to our club with open arms. ”

Signing JRR 1

Justin Reid-Ross during his presentation at Hurley. From left to right: Manager Renze Zwerver, chairman Jan-Chris de Nooijer, Justin Reid-Ross, board member Top Hockey Hanna Kernkamp and coach Reinoud Wolff. Photo: Kees Boelhouwer.

Reid-Ross: ‘It is valuable for me to play hockey at a club where I also have the space and flexibility to pay attention to my family and social career. That was very attractive at Hurley and it plays a much bigger role than money. “

Reid-Ross is the seventh addition to Hurley . Siem Schoenaker (HGC), Deegan Huisman (Almere), Mees Loman (Heren 2), Jasper van den Barselaar (Hurley A1), Indra Aerts (Pinoké A1) and Hjalmar Voskuil (Kampong A1) preceded him. McConnell: “Our philosophy remains the same, we continue to focus on guys who are in the prime of their careers. In that respect, Justin does not fit in that picture. We think he can play an important role in sharing his experience. What sacrifices our players have to make in order to reach the absolute top. “


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