Germany too strong for the Netherlands

The Oranje men began the Olympic year with a loss. Max Caldas’ team lost the first Pro League match against Germany on Saturday. Finishing  2-4 at Wagener Stadium. In addition, the Netherlands lost Floris Wortelboer after an unfortunate accident.

There was no question of waiting or scanning,  from the first whistle, the intensity was very high, without providing any great opportunities. After seven minutes, the Dutch hit a hopeful the ball from the right and, fortunately, hitting a German foot in the circle. The penalty corner awarded was a great opportunity for Jip Janssen, who has been in great form at Kampong in recent weeks. Firing hard and low  through the legs of German goaltender Mark Appel: 1-0.

Wortelboer injury

The goal prompted Germany to take a step forward. At the beginning of the second quarter, a beautiful combination of passes resulted in the equalising goal, through Constantin Staib. The Orange was trying to strike back in a thrilling game, but was pegged back with an injury to Floris Wortelboer. ‘Wortel’ seemed to have sustained another injury to his shoulder when he fell during the game. In recent years, Wortelboer has been struggling with injuries on his left shoulder, where he had underwent surgery last year. 

Floris Wortelboer Nederland Duitsland WV
The unlucky Floris Wortelboer leaves the field soon after he inadvertently falls on his right shoulder. Photograph: Willem Vernes

Less than a minute later, the Netherlands where hit with another blow as Paul-Philipp Kaufmann broke the line and hammered  home the second German goal, crashing against the German board with his backhand. The Orange had a fair shot at the equaliser before half time, but Janssen had his second corner blocked by the German defence.

Germany is moving forward

Germany pushed into the third quarter. The Kais Al Saadi squad took the reins  and extended their lead to 1-3. This time, Marco Miltkau, playing for the KZ in the Tulp major league, was at the end of a constructive attack. 

Mirco Pruyser Nederland Duitsland BS
Mirco Pruyser is shielding the ball. Right Roel Bovendeert, who, after years of absence, welcomed his return to Orange. Picture: Bart Scheulderman

The game lost the pace of the initial phase, and Germany seemed to be cool with it. In the final period, Staib scored his second and fourth of the afternoon for Germany. Just before the end, Jeroen Hertzberger gave the score a much more bearable look for the Netherlands and secured a final score of 2-4.

Netherlands – Germany 2-4 (1-2)
7. Jip Janssen 1-0 (sc)
18. Constantin Staib 1-1
25. Paul-Philipp Kaufmann 1-2
44. Marco Miltkau 1-3
64. Constantin Staib 1- 4
67. Jeroen Hertzberger 2-4


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