Niklas Wellen: ‘Always wanted to play in the Netherlands’

Despite the corona pandemic, Niklas Wellen is feeling good about himself. The 138-time German international is fit and having a good time at Pinoké. With the switch to the ambitious club from the Amsterdamse Bos last summer, a long-cherished wish came true for 26-year-old Wellen. “I’ve always wanted to play in the Netherlands.” ‘In the summer of 2018 […]

Kelly Hoyng-Jonker: ‘Orange is a closed book’

Sunday afternoon, Oranje-Rood against Pinoké. In the circle, the tip-in-queen lurks for the ball like a heron on a goldfish. Above number 23, her white shirt only shows Hoyng, her husband’s last name. The name Jonker is missing. As if she symbolically left her hockey life before her comeback ( 168 international matches, 68 goals ) behind. After her pregnancy and since her return […]

Kim Lammers: ‘I don’t like it this way’

After the largely hockey-free 2020 due to corona, all hockey fans hope that in 2021 it will be possible to play with stick and ball once again. TheHoofdklasse starts on January 31, but will it continue after that?  We look ahead with both famous and lesser known hockey celebrities. What do they expect? Today Kim Lammers, capped 200 […]

Freixa’s departure from Amsterdam: logical, or a victim of rejuvenation?

With a strongly rejuvenated selection, Amsterdam coach Santi Freixa had to make a serious shot at the first national title since the 2011/2012 season from his appointment eighteen months ago. Because he has insufficiently succeeded in this, according to Amsterdam, the club does not extend his expiring contract. A logical decision, or are the expectations unrealistic? “By […]

Jelle Galema returns to Oranje-Rood after three seasons

Attacker Jelle Galema (28) returns to his old love after a three-year adventure with Den Bosch. Signing a four-year contract with Oranje-Rood, the club with which he experienced golden years with winning three national titles (2014, 2015 and 2016) and the Euro Hockey League (2015). From 2009 to 2018, Galema played his first term for Oranje-Rood, […]

Mariette Verstappen on the arrival of British star Lily Owsley

With the recruitment of British international and Olympic champion Lily Owsley (26) , hdm – after having already captured the American Ashley Hoffman and the British hockey players Flora Peel and Erica Sanders in recent seasons – is once again bringing in a player from abroad. However, that is not at the expense of their own youth, says […]

Max Caldas on winter internship in the Netherlands: ‘We are flexible’

In recent years, national coach Max Caldas has often stood by the side of the field in South Africa, Australia or Malaysia during the traditional winter training period of the Orange Men in shorts and a t-shirt. How different is that next week, when the temperature is expected to be a maximum of two degrees and […]

Hockey in Australia: ‘I had to arrange everything within ten days’

In the series ‘Foreign adventure’ stories of Dutch hockey players who play or have played abroad, this week Florine van Grimbergen (28). She played in two bouts for Melbourne University Hockey Club and HC Melbourne in Australia. Ouch! Ouch! There is still fifteen minutes of playing time on the clock, but Florine van Grimbergen has a cramp in […]

Olympic Champion Lily Owsley signs for HDM

HDM is the first club in the Dutch Hoofdklasse to announce a reinforcement for next season. The club from The Hague has secured British international and Olympic champion Lily Owsley (26). Furthermore, the contracts of Orange potentials Tessa Clasener and Margot van Hecking Colenbrander and of Jong Oranje player Imme van Es have been extended. With the […]

Santi Frexia set to leave Amsterdam

Santi Freixa (38) is in his last season as head coach for the men of Amsterdam. The expiring contract of the former Spanish international will not be extended, because the desired results have not yet been achieved. The big league announced this on Wednesday afternoon via the club site. Freixa, who in the past also wore the […]