Uninspiring Belgium Red Lions lose to Argentina

B9729947125Z.1 20220213085018 000GJ3JSUNTM.1 0 - Uninspiring Belgium Red Lions lose to Argentina - The Red Lions could not impose their game and lacked a bit of percussion to really worry the Leones. But in the 10th minute, on their first shot on goal, Sebastien Dockier deflected a backhand shot from Cédric Charlier into the back of the net. The second quarter was hardly more inspired. It lacked structure and regularity. But also, sometimes, concentration to gain the upper hand over the Argentines despite a domination in the statistics (64% possession, 2 pc, 12 circle entries and 6 shots on goal).

Disappointing performance from the proteges of Michel van den Heuvel who lacked the character to covet a 3rd success in the Pro League. For their return to business in the Pro League, the Olympic champions had the firm intention of starting 2022 with a first victory against Argentina to erase their last disappointing performance against […]

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