AHF: EHF and AfHF reach Memorandum of Understanding to work closer together

The European Hockey Federation (EHF) and African Hockey Federation (AfHF) have reached a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate and work closer together in the coming years.

“We are delighted to reach this Memorandum of Understanding,” EHF President Marijke Fleuren said following the signing of the agreement.

“I am very happy with the increased cooperation between our two federations. We will see that both regions will benefit from our shared international experiences, be it in the realm of coaching, umpiring or officials.

“This MoU also reflects the excellent relationship I have with my friend Seif, the President of the African Hockey Federation, which we built up in our joint time on the FIH Executive Board.

“We look forward to supporting each other in our respective endeavours, programs and events and bring our different skill-sets together to grow the sport we love.”

AfHF President Seif Ahmed said following the signing of the agreement: “My gratitude to Marijke – EHF President – and the EHF Executive Board members for this MoU which will have a major impact to narrow the wide gap of knowledge and experience between our continental talents, be it on the coaching, officiating or education fronts.”

“Such a positive impact on the level of African Hockey will also benefit the global hockey family at large in terms of development and growth.”

“Moreover, we target to take this MoU to the next level by having a combination of educational & touristic twinning programs around the sport of hockey. For example, European junior and/or senior teams can visit Africa and vice versa (e.g. trips to visit Egypt’s monuments or make a safari trip to Kenya/Tanzania in cooperation with local African National Associations) in combination with test matches, seminars, and officials exchange.”

“I am happy to revive again the cooperation and family spirit which is not new to both our continents based on historical bi-lateral activities I have witnessed myself many years ago.”

To achieve these objectives, EHF and AfHF will:

  • cooperate in the development of content and materials that can be delivered through both networks.
  • be in regular contact and share information related to upcoming programs and initiatives.
  • be open to identifying potential areas for practical cooperation.
  • provide advice and support on related issues.
  • and where appropriate, share information and resources with both international networks.

Specifically, the Memorandum of Understanding will see the facilitation of appointments for officials to national and regional leagues along with the facilitation of links and exchanges between national associations and clubs for development and competition.

The EHF will allocate up to a maximum of three coaches, three umpires and three technical official places to the AfHF to attend seminars held on an annual basis.

The EHF also agrees to facilitate the donations of sticks, balls, kit, and equipment to AfHF for use by nations and members on an annual basis.

Click here to see the full Memorandum of Understanding document

by African Hockey Federation

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