100th international match Coen van Bunge: ‘wants to become a record international’

Seventeen years after Peter Elders whistled his hundredth international match, Coen van Bunge will receive the Golden Whistle on Wednesday at the FIH Pro League match between Belgium and the Netherlands . On the eve of that game, we watch his first, best, worst and most memorable match with the Dutch arbiter. “The images of my worst match still hurt […]

Netherlands Vs Great Britain Highlights

The Orange Ladies have won their second Pro League match against Great Britain 3-0 . The Oranje Heren also won – again – against the British. It became 3-1 , thanks to great goals from the important routiners Mink van der Weerden and Jeroen Hertzberger, who crowned his 250th international match with two flawless hits. View the summaries here.  Orange Ladies […]

ABN AMRO clubs: ‘Attention and importance to women’s hockey must be increased’

The ABN AMRO – main sponsor of 53 hockey clubs – announced its new initiative on Thursday afternoon : more equality between men and women in hockey. The chairpersons of the top clubs Oranje-Rood and Bloemendaal, sponsored by ABN AMRO, also think it is important, but: ‘the attention and importance of women’s hockey must therefore be increased’. The […]

Kampong appeal KNHB decision

Kampong has appealed to the KNHB against the penalty for drawing up Jip Janssen, who is not eligible to play according to the association, in the game of Heren 1 against Tilburg. The league management of the hockey association penalized the Utrecht club with three points deducted and the replay of the game in the Tulp […]

Unique: Dutch umpires whistle Orange in Pro League

The Orange Men will be whistled by two Dutch referees during the match in the Pro League with Great Britain (27 and 29 October) and Belgium (4 November). Coen van Bunge and Jonas van ‘t Hek have been appointed by the FIH to supervise the duels. Unique, because it is normally impossible for – during an official […]

Foreign competitions: hockey is still played in Belgium

Now that our own competition has come to a halt, we are doing a tour of the fields in other countries. What about Dutch hockey players abroad? A look at the Belgian competition with Bob de Voogd, Valerie Magis, Roos Knijff and Milan van Baal among others. The hockey competition continues in Belgium. However, the rules were tightened […]

The KNHB mounts the barricade for the seniors and the big league

The KNHB goes up the barricade for senior hockey players and the big league-competition. The hockey association believes that senior hockey players, just like youth up to the age of 18, should be able to train in groups and play matches among themselves. Director Erik Gerritsen also argues that the Hoofdlasse Dames and Tulp Hoofdlasse Heren, just […]

Analysis: top hockey players are allowed to stick their heads above ground level more often

The statement of Lidewij Welten on Instagram on Wednesday, who was disappointed that she was portrayed as an amateur athlete, was imitated en masse. Earlier this year, Terrance Pieters spoke extensively about racism in De Volkskrant. This promotion also received a lot of attention. It pays off for top hockey players to speak up, more than they have done so […]