Belgium umpiring lacking women and young talents

Belgian Umpire Delforge umpiring Belgium v Great Britain women

The number of women umpiring in Belgium is low despite the overall number continuing to develop at high speed, thanks to the slave labour provided daily by the ARBH and its two leagues, which must support and supervise their members, offer quality arbitration to as many people as possible. However, it remains complicated to recruit […]

Ireland and Great Britain, 4 Months Out


Just four months out from the start of Tokyo 2020, what have we learnt from the Soft Co Series. The SoftCo Series has been tied between Ireland and Great Britain. After three matches and 180 minutes of hockey, there was nothing that could separate the two sides. Both teams taking a 2-1 victory, with the […]

Who is Jack Rolfe??

Jack Rolfe coaching at the u14 Junior Tournament.

What is ‘The Coaching Lab’? In 2014, aged 18, fresh out of school I was offered a job as a Cover Supervisor at Aylesbury Grammar School by Headmaster Stephen Lehec, he said something that has stayed with me ever since; “Make the most of every opportunity”. Making the most of opportunities has led me to […]

Niklas Wellen: ‘Always wanted to play in the Netherlands’

Niklas Wellen Pinoke 001 Koen Suyk 1200x600 1611076110

Despite the corona pandemic, Niklas Wellen is feeling good about himself. The 138-time German international is fit and having a good time at Pinoké. With the switch to the ambitious club from the Amsterdamse Bos last summer, a long-cherished wish came true for 26-year-old Wellen. “I’ve always wanted to play in the Netherlands.” ‘In the summer of 2018 […]

When the Voice of Hockey speaks, we listen…

2018KS S005104 1

After the corona year 2020, all hockey fans hope that in 2021 there will be plenty of ball and stick play. The big league starts on January 31, but how will it continue after that? We look ahead with famous and lesser known hockey celebrities. Today the experienced English hockey commentator Nick Irvine (68), better known as The Voice […]

Kim Lammers: ‘I don’t like it this way’

2019WV WV 7059

After the largely hockey-free 2020 due to corona, all hockey fans hope that in 2021 it will be possible to play with stick and ball once again. TheHoofdklasse starts on January 31, but will it continue after that?  We look ahead with both famous and lesser known hockey celebrities. What do they expect? Today Kim Lammers, capped 200 […]

Freixa’s departure from Amsterdam: logical, or a victim of rejuvenation?

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With a strongly rejuvenated selection, Amsterdam coach Santi Freixa had to make a serious shot at the first national title since the 2011/2012 season from his appointment eighteen months ago. Because he has insufficiently succeeded in this, according to Amsterdam, the club does not extend his expiring contract. A logical decision, or are the expectations unrealistic? “By […]

A Dutchman in India: ‘Beautiful country that requires a lot of energy’

Balder Bomans Pinoke KS 1200x800 1

In the series ‘Foreign adventure’ stories of Dutch hockey players who play or have played abroad, this week Balder Bomans (37). He played in the Premier Hockey League for two seasons. In his first year he reached the final with Chandigarh Dynamos, losing to the Bangalore Lions after a best-of-three. In the middle of the night at […]

Max Caldas on winter internship in the Netherlands: ‘We are flexible’

WSP201027 1034

In recent years, national coach Max Caldas has often stood by the side of the field in South Africa, Australia or Malaysia during the traditional winter training period of the Orange Men in shorts and a t-shirt. How different is that next week, when the temperature is expected to be a maximum of two degrees and […]

Hockey in Australia: ‘I had to arrange everything within ten days’

Florine van Grimbergen Melbourne HC 02

In the series ‘Foreign adventure’ stories of Dutch hockey players who play or have played abroad, this week Florine van Grimbergen (28). She played in two bouts for Melbourne University Hockey Club and HC Melbourne in Australia. Ouch! Ouch! There is still fifteen minutes of playing time on the clock, but Florine van Grimbergen has a cramp in […]