India: Hockey India Leadership Unites to Propel Indian Hockey to a New Era

New Delhi, 28 February, 2024: In a significant development, the top leadership of Hockey India, including President Dr. Dilip Tirkey, Secretary General Shri Bhola Nath Singh, and Treasurer Sekar J Manoharan, collectively addressed a gathering to discuss the future trajectory of men’s and women’s hockey.

The meeting had a strong emphasis on grassroots development in general and women’s hockey in particular, and aimed to strategize and work collaboratively towards taking Indian hockey to a new era. The purpose of this high-profile meeting was to ensure a comprehensive approach towards the growth and excellence of the sport in the country.

Hockey India President Dr. Dilip Tirkey expressed his enthusiasm for the future of Indian hockey. He said, “We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence in hockey at all levels. This meeting is a pivotal moment where we collectively envision a bright future for the sport in India, with a focus on holistic development.”

Hockey India Secretary General Shri Bhola Nath Singh also added, “The discussions held today were crucial in understanding the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we are determined to create an environment that nurtures talent, enhances performance, and promotes the sport across the nation.”

Herman Kruis, the High Performance Director of Hockey India, led the aforementioned meeting that was attended by former prominent Indian players. The attendees included MM Somaya, Jagbir Singh, AB Subbaiah, Pritam Siwach, Sumrai Tete, Subhadra Pradhan, Rupinder Pal Singh and Piyush Dubey. The purpose of the collaboration is to benefit Indian hockey by utilizing the attendees’ valuable insights and experiences at the grassroots level.

Furthermore, key coaches from top-performing hockey states participated in the meeting, contributing to the comprehensive approach to hockey development across the nation. The list of coaches includes:

  • Manoj Kumar Prasad, Jharkhand
  • Moirangthem Rinash Meitei, Manipur
  • Sagar Singh Thakur, Maharashtra
  • Charles Dixon, Tamil Nadu
  • David Ian John, Odisha
  • Kulbir Singh, Punjab
  • Paramjeet Singh, Madhya Pradesh
  • Simranjeet Singh, West Bengal
  • Kanchan, Punjab

The collaboration between the leadership of Hockey India, former players, and coaches from various states is a clear indication of a united effort to shape a promising future for Indian hockey. With a renewed focus on grassroots development in general and women’s hockey in particular, along with high-performance strategies, Hockey India is all set to take the standard of the sport towards a new era.

By Hockey India

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