Scotland: A ‘Personal Best’ Partnership

Scottish Hockey commits to breast health awareness to advocate for women and girls’ participation in an exciting new partnership with PeBe

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Scottish Hockey joins with PeBe, an award winning sports bras brand committed to educating female athletes about the importance of sports bras, and solving the challenge with market leading product, to positively raise awareness to its Senior and Performance Pathway athletes with education and a one-to-one bra fitting service.

PeBe do it differently, designing sports bras that really think about how women move, and are diligent in helping women find the right fit. The perfect sports bra is fundamental to reaching your ‘personal best’ , the vision behind the PeBe story, however women and girls regularly purchase and wear ill-fitting bras. A survey of UK female athletes found that 51% experienced breast pain during their training and believed an ill-fitting bra affected their performance. “No pinch, no pain, no bounce, no doubts”  flows through the innovation and science at PeBe.

Scottish Hockey intend to provide a long term commitment to continue to identify challenges faced by female athletes, addressing areas such as inclusive clothing and now highlighting the importance of breast health.

Lucy Horsell, Co-Founder of PeBe, commented, It’s brilliant to work with a team that are getting behind their athletes in such a real way. It’s not enough to keep quoting the stats and posting online about it, to make real change we need to help women understand why it matters and help them find the best solution in a world dominated by confusing marketing. Sports bras are a critical part of kit, like trainers. You wouldn’t run a marathon in a pair of converse, but we have seen some fairly shocking sports bras and endless numbers of women who “make do”.

We’re changing an attitude towards breast health and bra fitting that has been embedded across generations. It’s huge! We can’t do that effectively without the support of organisations as a whole. The time for tokenistic gestures is over, we need to deliver change and care for women properly in sport.

Scottish Hockey and PeBe are committed to reducing the barriers to participation in sport and exercise, educating and empowering our members and creating a Personal Best culture in our sport. Since 2018, Scotland has led the world in tackling gender inequality and reducing the stigma of periods by increasing the availability of free period products.

Working with PeBe, Scottish Hockey athletes will be equipped with the education and knowledge to confidently choose the right sports bra to support their bodies, and positively impact their training, comfort, and breast health.

“Developing our female athlete health offering to our national programmes, but also raising awareness to the whole hockey community, is something which we are passionate about. Working with Lucy and her team at PeBe has educated staff and athletes alike, whilst also providing a solution to make our athletes feel comfortable and ready to perform. Their values align with ours, and it’s fantastic to be working alongside them with this new partnership as we aim to allow our female athletes to flourish,” noted Chris Duncan, Head Coach and Programme Lead for Senior Women

This is a partnership we at Scottish Hockey are both excited and very proud of.  The services and products that PeBE offer can be game changers for so many athletes and players across so many sport. We are delighted that in hockey we are leading the way in this space. Everyone should be able to compete and play in comfort and have the ability and equipment so help them achieve their full potential. That is exactly what this partnership is all about. ” noted Barry Cawte, Chief Executive Officer

The formation of Scottish Hockey’s Women & Girls Working Group will offer the space to address further challenges faced by its female membership and engaging PeBe is among many innovative steps the sport is taking to advocate for female athlete health and install the fundamental elements to make playing hockey a fun, comfortable, and fabulous experience regardless of gender.

Scottish Hockey are passionate about engaging the wider hockey community and look forward to welcoming PeBe at future events where the education can be accessed by all!


Keith Macleod
Hockey Engagement Manager

[email protected]

by Scotland Hockey

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