Scotland: Scottish Hockey partners with NIXI Body

As part of Scottish Hockey’s drive to support female health within hockey, it has partnered with leak-proof underwear brand NIXI Body to provide players and members with discounted products and educational content, aiming to dismantle period shame and tackle fear of leaks while playing sport.

NIXI Body is a brand on a mission to keep women moving through menstruation, motherhood, and menopause. The company produces stylish and secure leak-proof underwear that can be used for both periods and little bladder leaks – and are designed with sport in mind.

The company began when founder Kelly Newton almost gave up playing hockey because of her issues with bladder leaks. “I almost walked away from a sport I loved because I was struggling with leaks and didn’t like the bulky pads and pants that were available. So I designed a pair of underwear that were super secure and totally invisible under activewear – and they are now worn by women and athletes of all ages and levels.”

NIXI Body knickers give women and girls leak-free and VPL-free confidence so they can stay active without letting their period or bladder leaks pause their play – which makes them a perfect partner for Scottish Hockey.

50% of young girls say they have skipped playing sports because of their period and 3 in 4 girls struggle to concentrate when participating in sport while on their period due to fear of leaks. This partnership aims to help stop period shame and alleviate concerns around leaks, which can stop young women from living their lives to the fullest – both on and off the pitch.

Discounted NIXI Body knickers will be made available to Scotland National Team players, and a 30% discount code is available for use by the wider Scottish Hockey membership.

Barry Cawte, CEO of Scottish Hockey, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to partner with NIXI Body as part of our objective to take on the barriers that impact on women participating in sport. We’re especially excited to work with a brand that began on a hockey pitch and have the confidence these NIXI Body products work for players across the sport.

“This partnership is another step forward in making hockey more inclusive by working with an exciting brand to tackle period shame, and the fear of leaks while playing hockey.”

Kelly Newton, founder of NIXI Body, said: “The idea for NIXI Body started on the hockey field – so it’s incredibly exciting to be partnering with Scottish Hockey. Shame and fear of leaks shouldn’t hold anyone back from pursuing their sporting goals and we can’t wait to give the Scottish Team and wider hockey community the leak-free confidence that comes with wearing NIXIs!”

by Scotland Hockey

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