Asia: 100 Days to go till Paris 2024: Gear up for an Unforgettable Olympic Experience


As we hit the milestone of 100 days until the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the excitement within the global hockey community is reaching new heights! With all teams knowing their pools and schedules, athletes fine-tuning their skills and fans rallying behind their teams, the anticipation for what promises to be a spectacular showcase of top-tier hockey talent is palpable.

Paris 2024 is set to be a revolutionary event in the history of the Olympic Games. Not only will it emphasize sustainable practices and complete gender equality, but it will also bring hockey on the grand stage of Stade Yves-du-Manoir in Colombes, a historical venue, used exactly a century ago for the Paris 1924 Games.

Aligning with Paris 2024’s commitment to sustainability, hockey at the Olympic Games will focus on minimizing environmental impact. Initiatives include the use of Poligras Paris GT zero turf, a carbon zero hockey turf made from 80% bio-based materials, recycled materials for equipment and uniforms, and implementing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint associated with various aspects of the event.

With 100 days to go, national teams are engaged in intense preparation attempting to succeed Belgium men and Netherlands women, who won the gold medals at Tokyo 2020. Conditioning camps, international friendlies, and strategy meetings are becoming more rigorous and targeted. Athletes are not only focusing on their physical fitness but also on mental toughness, which can be crucial in games where pressure runs high.

The Olympic Games are about more than just sports though; they’re a celebration of unity, culture, and the indomitable human spirit. Paris 2024 will be deeply embedded in French culture, offering visitors a taste of France’s rich heritage and contemporary vibrancy. Beyond the competition venues, the city of Paris will host live sites where fans can enjoy cultural performances, interactive experiences, and live broadcasts of the games.

Whether you’re planning to be in the stands in Paris, watching from home, or cheering in community gatherings, the excitement is universal. For hockey enthusiasts and sports fans worldwide, the Olympic Games Paris 2024 promise to be a captivating blend of tradition and innovation.

Commenting on the 100-day milestone, FIH President Tayyab Ikram said: “The whole hockey community, including athletes, fans and everyone involved in our lovely sport, can’t wait to see the Games of the 33rd Olympiad start in 100 days! For two weeks, the eyes of the world will be on Paris 2024. This is the magic, the infinite power of sport to unite people!  Hockey is incredibly proud to be an Olympic sport and to play its part as a very active member of and advocate for the Olympic movement. I already wish all teams the best of luck, and invite all hockey fans around the world to closely follow the Olympic hockey tournaments, be it on TV, in the news, on social media or any other digital platform. An unforgettable show is ahead of us!”

As we count down to the final 100 days till the Olympic flame lights up the Parisian skyline, let’s gear up to support the teams and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and unity that the Olympic Games epitomize.

by Asia Hockey


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