Asia: Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 – DAY 5


Where we would have 4 matches to enjoy the best Asian junior field hockey. A day in which many national teams would define their positions in the groups for the final stages that will arrive next week.


An important match for Pool B as the first and second of the table would face each other to define who would top this group.

The match started well for the Malaysian team because after 11 minutes of play TANGARAJA Perabu put the 1-0 for the yellow team.

It was a tough match where the reds also had their chances, but without a chance to score in the first quarters of the match.

Malaysia’s second goal came in the 54th minute when Shahmie Irfan Suhaimi scored from a penalty corner to make it 2-0 for RAHIM Amin’s team.

Two minutes later however, Korea managed to show their personality on the field and brought their team closer to the result with a goal by PARK Geonwoo to make it 2-1. This was not enough as 1 minute later the yellow team again made it 3-1 with a goal by Mughni Kamal.

In this way Malaysia takes the 3 points and remains as leader in Pool B where they will face Oman in their next match. On the other hand, Korea will be looking for the second place against Bangladesh.

The best player of the match was Shahmie Irfan Suhaimi who scored again in this game.


In the second match of the day and the first Pool A match of the day, Chinese Taipei and Japan faced each other in search of 3 points to move up the table.

Japan was looking to secure its podium, but always trying to stay at the top, knowing that in Pool A there are none other than Pakistan and India.

The team coached by MIZAWA Takayasu was strong from the first minute and scored in the third minute of the game to start a cataract of goals that totaled 10 goals scored by SAEKI Ikumi x 2, YASUDA Kumpei x2, TANAKA Tsubasa,SAEKI Kodai x4 and SAITO Hiro.

Japan had all the time the control of the match while Chinese Taiepi tried to take advantage of the attacking opportunities without neglecting their defense as it would prevent Japan from scoring more goals.

LIAO Hsing-Chou’s team scored a goal in the 38th minute by Yueh Chin-Cheng.

The match ended 10-1 with an important victory and several goals that could be very important for Japan ahead of their next match against Pakistan, while Chinese Taipei played their last group stage match today.

The best player was SAEKI Kodai who scored 4 spectacular goals.



In the third round the local team would play against Uzbekistan, both in the last positions of Pool B.

It was expected to be a tough match with a lot of physical wear and tear where the 10 players on the field were going to have to run to attack and specially to defend.

The boys in red started the match with a goal by AL-NOUFALI Alkhoder before AL FAZARI Azed made it 2-0 for the team led by AL RAISI Khalid after 3 minutes.

The Yellows looked for their chances, but only found them in the 25th minute to make it 2-1 and make the game even hotter.

It was in the third quarter that everything went haywire when SALIMJONOV Shokhrukhbek equalized for his team and gave the Uzbekistan team hope.

However, this did not last long as AKAAK Hahman gave them the victory with 3 minutes left in the game to crown the tournament host with their first 3 points.

Uzbekistan will play their next match for the 9-10th place, while Oman will go for their win against Malaysia.

Player of the match was AL-NOUFALI Alkhoder who opened the scoring for Oman.


A classic in our Asian field hockey with a special imprint was played between Pakistan and India for a super-intense match and moved by the Pool A definition.

Both teams came from winning their first two games, with many goals difference. Both teams were optimistic that they could win and needed to do so to pull away from their opponents.

The OLTMANS Roelant team and the KUMAR C. R. team have known each other for a long time, they are from selected juniors with a lot of potential and you could smell that the match was not going to be easy.

The goals came, the first after 24 minutes of play with a penalty corner goal by TIWARI Sharda Nand for India that left the game 1-0 for a long time. India with a goal and the victory for much of the game and the possession of the ball thought they could control the game and keep it that way until the end. But this did not end up as the boys in blue expected and the boys in green converted the equalizer after 44 minutes of play with a goal by ALI Basharat that would make the Pakistani team explode as they needed that goal to raise their energy to the maximum for the last part of the game.

Both teams fought until the end, and while they had more chances, the goalkeepers made sure that their teams didn’t get another ball in the net.

With this result Pakistan is in first place with 7 points and 23 goals, while India is on its heels with 7 points and 20 goals.

India will have to win against Thailand and Pakistan will have to do the same if they want to keep the first place against Japan.

Serna matches not to be missed on May 28th and 29th.

Player of the match was Abdul Hannan Shahid.

by Asia Hockey


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