Asia: Singapore Hockey Federation Empowers Women Umpires through Development Program


The Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF) took a significant step towards enhancing the skills and capabilities of women umpires by organizing a dedicated Women’s Umpire Development Program on 20th and 21st May. With nine enthusiastic umpires from various countries participating, the event aimed to provide comprehensive training, mentoring, and valuable feedback to these talented individuals. Led by experienced FIH Umpires Minka Wooley and Miskarmalia Ariffin, the program sought to bolster the presence and quality of female umpires in the sport of hockey.

The Women’s Umpire Development Program witnessed the convergence of talented umpires from diverse backgrounds. Shiina Hori and Takaku Maho from Japan, Melanie Barnard from Australia, Camela Wong from Hong Kong, Wassan Pankemthong from Thailand, Nurusaeidah Mohammad Murtadza from Malaysia, and Valerie Koh, Chloe Loh, and Emma Liu from Singapore all came together to share their expertise and learn from each other.

To ensure the umpires received top-notch mentorship and guidance, the program was led by two highly respected FIH Umpires, Minka Wooley from Australia and Miskarmalia Ariffin from Singapore. These accomplished individuals possess a wealth of experience in officiating high-profile international matches, making them ideal mentors for the aspiring umpires.

The Women’s Umpire Development Program employed a holistic approach to hone the skills of the participants. The umpires were provided with thorough briefings before taking to the field, ensuring they were well-prepared for the challenges that awaited them. As they umpired matches, they were continuously assessed and coached by the experienced mentors. This real-time guidance allowed the umpires to refine their decision-making abilities, positioning, and overall game management skills.

One of the key aspects of the program was the provision of comprehensive feedback to the umpires. After each match, the participants received constructive criticism and advice from the mentors, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to overcome challenges. The feedback sessions were designed to be supportive and empowering, with the mentors recognizing the unique strengths of each umpire while offering valuable suggestions for further growth.

The Women’s Umpire Development Program not only focused on immediate skill enhancement but also aimed to create a sustainable platform for the long-term growth of women umpires. By fostering camaraderie among participants from different countries, the program encouraged the sharing of knowledge and best practices, thereby elevating the overall standard of umpiring in the region. Additionally, the strong mentorship provided by Minka Wooley and Miskarmalia Ariffin offered the umpires invaluable guidance that will undoubtedly contribute to their future success.

The Singapore Hockey Federation’s Women’s Umpire Development Program exemplifies the commitment of the organization to nurture and empower women umpires in the sport of hockey. By bringing together talented umpires from various countries and providing them with expert mentorship, the program has played a pivotal role in enhancing their skills and confidence. With a renewed sense of purpose and the valuable feedback received, these umpires are now better equipped to contribute to the growth and development of hockey, both in their respective countries and on the international stage. The program’s success sets a shining example for other organizations and highlights the importance of investing in the professional development of women umpires across all sports.

by Asia Hockey


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