England: England O40s And Mother Of Three Zoe Vale Shares Importance Of #TimeTogether  

The Women In Sport#TimeTogether campaign encourages mums and daughters or aunties and nieces to
find adventure, experience joy, find freedom, feel strong and discover where
they belong. After all we all belong whether on a bike, in a pool, in the park,
on the pitch. 

Zoe Vale, a European and World Championships Gold medallist with the England Women’s O40s Masters and mother of three (Millie aged 16, Jessica aged 14 and India aged 10) first picked up a stick in secondary school and successfully lead her team to victory during the world championships. 

“Hockey has always played a big part in my life playing and as a junior coach. Over the last 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have the privilege of playing for England in the O40s Masters team, it’s been an amazing experience winning a European Gold in Rotterdam and in 2021, I was given the role as captain during the world championships and again we triumphed and won Gold.” 

Winning medals for England isn’t all Zoe does, coaching also plays a huge role within her life and Zoe inspires U12s and U14 girls along with an assistant coaching role for the 1st XI at eldest daughter Millie, school.  

“Playing hockey, especially at the international level has given me the opportunity to find another identity.  It’s allowed me to find confidence in that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. I’ve been lucky enough to make some amazing friends and meet some amazing people along the way!” said Zoe.  

Zoe and her family get the opportunity to create special memories because of hockey. This summer Zoe, Millie and Jessica all picked up a stick together and played their first match together during summer.  

“It’s great playing with Mum, although at times it’s tricky as we may play quite close together and our mother-and-daughter relationship can get a little heated. But I’ve learnt a lot from her and think it’s amazing what she has achieved over the past few years. My sisters and I are very proud of her” explained Mille.  

Millie has been lucky enough to play alongside her mum in league matches for Yate Ladies 1st XI. Yate are currently playing in the West Women’s Division 1 North league facing teams such as Clifton Robinsons 3s, Team Bath Buccaneers 3s and Bristol Firebrands 2s.  

“Playing in the same team has been lovely. I’m very proud to watch her grow.” Said Zoe. 

The Vale family can’t wait to create more memories and pick up a stick together. Zoe, Mille and Jessica are really looking forward to when youngest India can join them in a few years. 

by England Hockeyl

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