England: Nominations Open For President, Vice President And Member Elected Non Executive Director

The Annual General Meeting of England Hockey will be held on Tuesday 12 March 2024. This meeting will be held electronically through Go To Webinar.

The Accounts of the company, the Annual Report, the report of the Auditors and the formal Notice of the AGM will be circulated with any ballot papers for the election of the following roles, on or around 21 February 2024.

The following positions are due for election this year:

1) President

Mike Stoddard is standing down from his position of President after 5 years. The Board would like to pay tribute to Mike’s passion for the sport and commitment to the role which have been so evident during his time as President. Nominations are therefore invited for the vacant role of President.

2) Vice-President (Male)

Chris Reece has completed his maximum term as Vice-President. The Board would like to thank Chris for all his varied contributions to the sport and are sure he will continue to be a crucial member of the hockey family. Nominations are therefore also sought for this vacant role.

3) Member Elected Non Executive Director

Shelagh Everett has completed her first term and has indicated that she would like to stand for re-election.

The closing date by which nominations for these positions must have been received is 6 February 2024. Nominations must be in the form required by the Articles of Association. They must be made by a County Association or Area, or by an affiliated Club (but in that case they must be seconded by a County Association or Area). The nomination must be accompanied (Article 90) by “a statement describing the experience and suitability of the candidate, together with a notice signed by that person of their willingness to be appointed and their intention to fulfil the requirements of the post if so appointed”. The statement should be in Arial, size 11 font, to ensure consistency across all the statements which will be put before the members. Applicants are also required to provide a CV no longer than 2 x A4 pages in Arial, size 11 font. Statement forms, along with the details of the roles and the skills and qualities being sought are available on the England Hockey website:


Vice- President

Under the Articles, voting in all elections is now exclusively by postal ballot, which can be conducted electronically. You will be sent an electronic voting form with the official calling notice. Please be aware that all voting is now electronic. A copy of the company’s Articles can also be accessed here.

by England Hockeyl

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