England: Super 6s rankings update

England Hockey has revised the final Super 6s rankings for Womens Division One due to Beeston inadvertently fielding an ineligible player in their three matches of the league’s first weekend, 6-7 January. 

The minimum penalty for fielding an ineligible player is that the result of a game is a 5-0 loss. England Hockey applied this and Beeston’s results – vs Holcombe (5-3), vs Knole Park (6-6), vs Sutton Coldfield (3-3) – are all recorded as 5-0 for the opposition. 

This means that the final standings are revised as follows

1. Holcombe 16 pts, 2. Sutton Coldfield 15 pts,  3. Reading 14 pts,  4. Knole Park 12 pts, 

5. Wimbledon 9 pts, 6. Beeston 9 pts, 7. Sevenoaks 4 pts, 8. Canterbury  3 pts.

This decision may be subject to appeal.

Stourport withdrew from the league in the week before it started and only one teams, Canterbury, will be relegated. The top two will be replaced by Leicester City and Bowdon Hightown who come down from the Premier Division

In Men’s Division One Southgate ran out winners with a four point margin over second placed Canterbury. They had a near perfect record with a draw with Repton their only blemish. Canterbury finished two points ahead of Beeston beating the Nottinghamshire side in their crucial game on the last Sunday morning. The promoted teams will be replaced by Ashmoor and Surbiton relegated from the Premier Division and Loughborough Students and West Herts will play in Division Two next season.  

In Men’s Division Two Guildford and Bowdon were promoted. The teams drew their game but a loss to third placed  Ipswich meant that Bowdon finished three points behind winners Guildford.

Women’s Division Two saw Clifton Robinsons and Wakefield. They drew in their match but Clifton had an otherwise perfect record whereas Wakefield lost to Lansdown. However, Lansdown were beaten by Clifton and Southgate to mean they finished a point out of the promotion places. With heavy rain causing issues at the Telford venue the tournament was only concluded after a herculean effort from officials and some teams to reconfigure the pitch to allow the final games to be played away from the affected area – our thanks go those who assisted. 

by England Hockeyl

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