Germany: DHB Withdraws World Cup Bid

DHB withdraws its interest in the application to host the Field Hockey World Championship 2026

The German Hockey Federation will not make an offer to host the 2026 Hockey World Championship. This decision was extremely difficult for the German umbrella organization for hockey after an initial expression of interest in the spring of this year. However, it had to be made consistently after an intensive analysis of the framework conditions.

“We have been working intensively over the past few months on planning a bid for the 2026 Hockey World Cup. The talks with partners and stakeholders involved, the BMI, the states, the cities, the DOSB and the International World Hockey Federation (FIH) were very trusting and goal-oriented. Unfortunately, the overall situation is such that we cannot pursue the application any further at this point in time. We have informed the International World Hockey Association of our withdrawal,” says Carola Morgenstern-Meyer, President of the DHB.

After a detailed and intensive evaluation of the planning by the board and the event management, it was determined that the economic risk is too great based on the previous discussions with the stakeholders and due to the requirements of the world association. An application with many open points is not justifiable for the DHB at the present time, even taking into account the geopolitical circumstances.

However, the talks with partners and stakeholders over the last few months have also shown that such an application process, which is intended to meet the increasing requirements for high-quality and sustainable event organization for a major international event and ensures successful application and implementation of a field hockey world championship, requires long-term planning involving all partners.

In this sense, the DHB has remained in the joint discussions with politicians, the DOSB and the FIH in such a way that the association does not only use the experience gained in the field of event organization for itself by hosting the Field European Championship 2023 and other future international hockey events but is also open to working in partnership with the DOSB and the public sector in the application, planning and operational implementation of major international sporting events, for example as part of the “National Strategy for Major Sporting Events” recently adopted by the federal government.

“We have other events in the pipeline, but we will now focus again on the European Field Championships 2023 in our own country. At the same time, we would like to stay in regular and very good contact with all stakeholders and work together to ensure that Germany qualifies as the best host country for a hockey world championship in the future,” says Niclas Thiel, commercial director of the DHB

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