Germany: Düsseldorf Back on Track, TSV Mannheim Hockey Wins for the First Time

The women of Düsseldorfer HC won their game at UHC Hamburg with ease. The club on the Alster suffered a bitter defeat in Berlin. TSV Mannheim Hockey wins the important duel against Munich SC and Mannheimer HC clearly wins in Bremen. The match reports:


A truly promising Volvo ERB top game of the week awaited the Hamburg spectators today at the UHC Hamburg facility. After three wins in a row with only one goal conceded, the UHC women received the reigning champions from Düsseldorf today. The women from Düsseldorf had not presented themselves as masters in the past games and only got one point from three games.

The expected lively game was then also offered. Both teams tried to create a lot offensively and to find their way towards the opposing shooting circle with a lot of speed. But in the first quarter it remained a goalless draw, as soon as it went in the direction of the goal, both acted too unluckily.

In the second half, too, the teams showed a balanced game for a long time. The guests then managed to take the lead: A penalty corner from Emma Sophie Hessler landed in the lower right corner and gave Noelle Rother no chance in goal (22’KE). The 0:1 lead of the guests got Düsseldorf going, only a little later Rother had to intervene and prevent another goal. The UHC ladies held out so far, but could not become dangerous again. With the 0:1 lead for Düsseldorf we went into the half-time break.

Four minutes into the second half it was almost 2-0, but a UHC defender was still on the line after a penalty corner. As a result, the hosts tried to get a little more consistency in their game, while the DHC withdrew a little into their own half. This phase resulted in a penalty corner for Hamburg, which was parried (40′). On the other side, Düsseldorf had the opportunity again with a backhand shot, but it was too imprecise. Several attacks on the right side were now made by the guests, Düsseldorf urged to increase the lead.

“A great increase to the partly mediocre performances of the last two weeks”

Nico Sussenburger, coach Dusseldorfer HC

In the last section the time had come: A sharp ball in front of the goal and Lisa Nolte was successful with a stab. The 0: 2 for Düsseldorf HC (47th). The DHC now led by two goals in the Volvo ERB top game of the week , Hamburg had to throw everything in to come back. But that also revealed spaces for the guests, which Düsseldorf tried to use again and again for dangerous counterattacks. A penalty corner offered the chance to finally win the game two minutes before the end, but Noelle Rother was there (58′).

The women from Düsseldorf then brought the 0:2 lead sovereign over time and thus secured three points. UHC Hamburg will play against Rot-Weiss Köln next Saturday (2:00 p.m.), while Düsseldorf won’t be back on the field until next year.

“We weren’t able to minimize our mistakes throughout the game and as a result we never really felt like we were in the game”

Johannes Persoon, UHC Hamburg


The duel of the bottom of the table in season A against the bottom of the table in season B should be a closely fought game. Despite good performances, both teams had recently suffered narrow defeats and were willing to take the three important points to their own account.

After a good five minutes, Munich came into the circle from the right for the first time, but Joana Boehringer’s pass to Martina Reisenegger Lillo was missed (5′). At the other end, Mannheim became dangerous after a penalty corner – but a somewhat unusual variation down the left and the resulting shot by Lydia Bechthold-Haase was saved (10′).

In the second half, the hostesses again earned a penalty corner and were promptly successful: Reisenegger Lillo’s flick slipped through TSVMH goalkeeper Felicitas Heinzel’s somewhat unfortunate right side (16′, KE). The important 1-0 for the women from Munich, but it didn’t last too long. A notable lob from Lydia Bechthold-Haase from the right via goalkeeper Selina Müller made it 1-1. Bechthold-Haase got the ball completely free in the circle of the shot (18′).

The right side of attack remained the means of success for Mannheim: A long ball to Sarah Kardorf, who again came free in the shooting circle and shot the ball from the right side in the far corner (20th). Due to the quick double strike, the Munich team had come under some pressure. Ten seconds before the half-time whistle they got another shot from a penalty corner, but the variant via the left-hand tray slipped and remained harmless.

Shortly before the end of the third quarter, the MSC managed to equalize: in the hustle and bustle in front of the goalkeeper, Celine Marquet brought the ball over the line and made it 2:2 (43rd). A goal out of nowhere, but all the more important for the hosts. At the beginning of the last section, however, TSVMH was successful again: Lydia Bechthold-Haase turned well at the seven-meter point and scored her second goal of the day to make it 2:3 for Mannheim (48th). This 2:3 then lasted until the final whistle. Mannheim kidnapped three points from Munich – for the Munich SC the situation is getting worse.

The women from Munich will meet Mannheimer HC next Saturday (4:30 p.m.). For the TSVMH, the first half of the season is now over.


Like the men in Berlin, the women of the BHC welcomed the club on the Alster to the double match day in the state capital. Alster led twice last season, twice the game ended 2-2. If you look at the table of season B, this seems a bit strange: Berlin is the direct pursuer of Hamburg, who are in third place, but the two teams are separated by a gap of twelve points in a game that Alster played.

After two minutes played, Alster took the first penalty corner, which the BHC defense was able to walk past (2′). But the offensive of the Berliners also tried to be active: The backhand shot by Luzie Franz could only be saved with difficulty by goalkeeper Mali Wichmann (7th). After this strong save, Wichmann was lucky a few minutes later: Viktoria Huse fished a penalty corner from Berliner HC, which she was not able to defend sufficiently, from the goal line behind her. In the follow-up, Berlin brought the ball in front of the goal again, where Pahila Arnold pushed the ball over the line (11th).

Alster didn’t seem fully awake in the second period either, because Berliner HC scored a second goal straight away. A free kick from Alessa Volkert was quickly executed and brought in front of the goal, where Luzie Franz only had to block the ball into the goal (17th). The Hamburg women’s defense had acted far too passively. As a result, Berlin, who had previously been one of the weaker teams in attack, played well and created more scoring chances. Alster had another chance from a penalty corner five minutes before the break, which was cleared by Anna Kilian at the last second (25′). The club on the Alster just didn’t seem to be having any luck today: A completely unsuccessful penalty corner from Berlin came in front of the goal again and it was already 3-0 because Pahila Arnold steered the ball past Wichmann into the goal (27′, KE) .

In the second half, however, Alster was much stronger. But the Berlin defense held up, albeit with a bit of luck in some situations. Instead, they showed themselves to be strong on the counter and caught Alster cold: Carlotta Pahlke converted a cross from the left at the far post to make it 4-0 (43rd). In the last quarter, Berlin withdrew and let the club on the Alster have more of the ball. However, only the BHC was successful in front of goal: Viola Scharf scored the 5-0 (51.7m) with a seven-metre throw. Only two consolation goals were still granted to the guests from Hamburg: Emily Wolbers scored the 5:1 for the club on the Alster (55th), Viktoria Huse then made it 5:2 with a seven meter throw (57.7m). Alster threw everything forward three minutes before the end, but Berlin took the lead over time.

In exactly one week, Berliner HC will host Bremer HC for the last game of the first half of the season (2:00 p.m.). For the CADA, this game was already the end of the year on the field.


A new opponent for the Mannheim women, because today they were guests of the newly promoted team in Bremen. The MHC had stumbled a bit last Saturday and dropped the first points of the season, but then won confidently against the club on the Alster on Sunday. And Bremen also took the tailwind from the last two wins into the game – so it was set for the last game of the day and for a real duel.

But there was nothing to get for the Bremen team on Saturday. If you were initially able to keep up, the MHC was clearly superior in the end. Naomi Heyn gave her Mannheimers the lead just before the end of the quarter (13′). After a short corner, Stine Kurz increased the lead to 0:2 with her eighth goal of the season (22’KE).

In the second half, Mannheim then significantly increased their lead. Shortly after the break, Lucina von der Heyde scored a penalty with a penalty (32′, 7m). Then Charlotte Hendrix (36th) and Charlotte Gerstenhöfer (40th) scored and made it 0:5. And Stine Kurz didn’t seem to have had enough either: She converted two more penalty corners to make it 0:6 (46′, KE) and 0:7 in the final score (52′, KE). Kurz has ten goals and is the top scorer in the Bundesliga.

Mannheimer HC remains almost flawless at the top of Staffel B. Bremen are guests in Berlin next Saturday (2:00 p.m.), while Mannheimer HC welcomes Munich SC (4:30 p.m.).

“Totally deserved […] we should have […] won even better”

Nicklas Benecke, Mannheimer HC coach

Photo: Hans Kramhöller (SportsGallery)
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