JWC: FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup Chile 2023: what the coaches have to say! 

With just one day to go for the FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup Chile 2023 the coaches have spoken to express their expectations from the event and what their teams will be aiming to achieve over the next two weeks. 


Juan Lopez, Head Coach (ARG)

“To compete at the highest level against other international teams will be crucial for our players’ growth. The aim for them is to grow and progress to the senior ‘Leonas’ team and this tournament will provide a good platform towards the development and maturity needed to get there.”


Stacia Strain, Head Coach (AUS)

“Our team is expecting to take back a lot of cultural learning and top-tier experience against other international teams from the Women’s Junior World Cup Chile 2023.”


Darran Bisley, Head Coach (BEL)

“Despite the tough competition from all corners of the globe, this talented young group aims to continue to push the Belgian colours to the top of International hockey by winning its first ever medal in this prestigious competition.”


Jenn Beagan, Head Coach (CAN)

“With 9 players returning to this team from April’s Pan Am qualifying event, and another 9 fresh faces to Team Canada, we are looking forward to coming together as a new group of athletes to grow, learn, and develop further. We will look to rise to the challenge presented by competing against top teams from across the globe.”


Francisca Irazoqui, Captain (CHI)

“For us it means a lot to play in our country, to be able to be with our people, our families and friends. I think the atmosphere is going to be very good and it will give us great energy to have big crowds here.”


Simon Letchford, Head Coach (ENG)

“We hope to be tested and challenged in every game. We look forward to participating in a group in which we are the only European side. This will offer a fantastic opportunity to experience different hockey playing cultures and styles from around the world. We will seek to learn and improve from each game to the next in the hope that we are strong enough to progress deep into the tournament.”


Akim Bouchouchi, Head Coach (GER)

“We are really looking forward to the tournament and the stadiums with the big crowd and of course the culture. Last time we finished second and of course a medal is the goal, but on this level every game is high class and you have to perform. We are curious about the tournament and the whole organisation, and are really happy that the tournament will start soon.”


Tushar Khandekar, Head Coach (IND)

“Our players have trained rigorously and are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. We respect every opponent and are looking forward to a strong start against Canada. Our aim is to get a podium finish this time.”


Kazunori Kobayashi, Head Coach (JPN)

“We are aiming for a finish inside the top-8. We would have liked to have had more international experience for the players over the last few years, but the time has come to get it in Chile. The team is extremely looking forward to meeting and playing with the other international teams participating from around the world.”


Seong Eun Kim, Head Coach (KOR)

“While the aim is to achieve the best possible result, I’m most excited to see how the team of junior players will develop through their experience of playing against world-class countries in an international competition.”


Dave Smolenaars, Head Coach (NED)

“We are looking forward to playing a fantastic tournament with some great opponents, in a beautiful city at a very nice stadium. As for the result, the Netherlands will always aim to win a medal, with the gold medal as the big dream.”


Mitch Hayde, Head Coach (NZL)

“We are aiming for a top 2 finish in the pool stage so we can qualify for the knockouts. Our larger aim is to compete in the finals at the latter stage of the tournament.”


Lenise Marais, Head Coach (RSA)

“We’re expecting a tough tournament and are looking forward to the challenge. Competing at a World Cup is special and we’re excited for our time in Chile.”


Mar Feito, Head Coach (ESP)

“Our entire team is filled with players who have my entire faith and they will all contribute massively in the tournament. I believe in each of them and that’s why they are selected and our aim, in one word, is to: COMPETE. We expect the players to grow on individual levels, as well as a team, and form a group that in the near future can contribute to the Senior National Team.”


Tracy Paul, Head Coach (USA)

“We are expecting to experience highly competitive and top-quality hockey. Our intent is to continue to build on what we have already achieved in recent years, perform at our best and play for a medal.”


Bradley Heuer, Head Coach (ZIM)

“It is an incredible privilege to be taking part in the Junior World Cup 2023. This will be a valuable experience for our players and we are hoping to use this to grow and improve our hockey both internationally and domestically. We obviously have our objectives and desired outcomes for the tournament but we’re equally looking forward to playing against some of the best young talent in hockey. We hope to make the most of our time in Chile and treasure the memories and experience. This will also be a necessary building block and inspiration for our future players.”

The 10th edition of FIH’s flagship event for junior women will be played from 29 November to 10 December in Santiago, Chile. All information about the tournament is available here

Junior World Cup

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