NCAA: Pan American Hockey Federation Congress and Forum 2023

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In the heart of Santiago, Chile, on October 31, 2023, the Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF) Congress and Forum took center stage during the Pan American Games. This gathering marked a significant milestone for the sport of field hockey in the Pan American region, as it provided a platform for National Associations , to discuss and celebrate the future of hockey in the Americas.

The Forum commenced with an enlightening forum led by the FIH President, Tayyab Ikram, setting the tone for the event. Mr. Ikram introduced attendees to the FIH EMPOWERMENT AND ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY, offering insights into how to work on national development plans. The engagement and enthusiasm shown by the National Associations (NAs) during this session highlighted their commitment to furthering the sport’s development.

The PAHF Congress and Forum 2023 featured several noteworthy moments:

1. FIH Awards

The event recognized the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to the sport of hockey. Among the awardees were Federación Chilena de Hockey, Steve Horgan, Yan Huckendubler, Sue Niell, Tony Von Ordanza, Mary Cicinelli, Danae Andrada, Laura Macchiotti, Nahir El Barri and Alberto “Coco” Budeisky. These awards celebrated their dedication and excellence in promoting hockey.

2. Approval of Statutes Amendments & Changes

 The Congress addressed essential governance matters by approving amendments and changes to the organization’s statutes, ensuring that PAHF remains agile and responsive to the evolving needs of the sport.

3. Approval of 2021 Minutes

 Ensuring transparency and accountability, the Congress approved the minutes from the previous year’s meeting, providing a comprehensive record of the federation’s activities.

4. The Order of Merit

 Distinguished figures were honored with the Order of Merit, recognizing their significant contributions to the sport. Mary Cicinelli, Gianni Delucchi, Roque Viegas, Yan Huckendubler, Soledad Iparraguirre, Walter Kramer, Victor Tomlinson, and Nigel Traverso received this prestigious recognition.

5. President’s Awards

The PAHF President recognized individuals who have gone above and beyond for the betterment of the sport. Awardees included Yan Huckendubler, Paolo Camposeco, Victoria Pazos, Fabian Romero, Daniela Caram, and Rodrigo Hernandez, emphasizing their dedication to the sport.

6. Honorary Life Member

 Maureen Craig-Rousseau was named an Honorary Life Member, acknowledging her lifelong commitment to the development of field hockey in the Pan American region.

7. Election of Honorary Treasurer

Mary Cicinelli (CAN) was elected as the Honorary Treasurer for a four-year term.

8. Election of Ordinary Board Members

 The Congress elected male and female members to the board.

Lauren Crandall (USA)

Sylvia Valenzuela (CHI)

Carlos Manuel Lazarte (PER)

Fabian Stewart (JAM)

In his closing remarks, President Tayyab Ikram and PAHF President Coco Budeisky encouraged National Federations to collaborate closely with PAHF to develop comprehensive plans for the growth of the sport within their countries. The Pan American Hockey Federation Congress and Forum 2023 was a testament to the commitment of the region to the sport of field hockey, providing a platform for discussion, recognition, and celebration of hockey excellence. As the Pan American region continues to thrive in the world of field hockey, this event was a vital step towards ensuring the sport’s continued success and growth.


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