Belgium: The Right Operation for orée and Léopold

Even if the Ucclois suffered in Molenbeek, they pocketed the 3 points just like the men of Steve Crauwels, more inspired than those of the Waterloo Ducks still stuck in a victory after 5 days of competition in the Honor Division.

Orée – Waterloo Ducks: 4-3.

Great success for the people of Brussels who resumed their march forward after their defeats against Ghent and Racing. A 3rd victory conquered with a lot of desire and thanks to a team that offered a solid and diligent performance. Tomi Domene launched hostilities from the 7th minute of play on a penalty run. But the Brabançons reacted immediately via Tommy Willems on pc rebound But before the break, Max Plennevaux restored the lead to the local team. The second period was just as exciting with the equalizer from Max Van Oost (44th). The local reaction was quick and the captain, Philippe Simar, did not wait 60 seconds to put his colors back in command. L’Orée pushed and gained distance via Dorian Thiéry (51st). The end of the game was more confusing because of the cards dealt on both sides. 8 minutes from the final whistle, Victor Charlet gave hope to his people from the penalty spot but the people of Brussels held on. A result that plunges Watducks into doubt with its 3 points out of 15.

Braxgata-Racing: 2-2. 

It was certainly one of the posters of this 5th day of the championship. A duel at the top between 2 candidates for a place in the Playoffs. The Antwerpers did not lag behind to take the initiative since the young international, Nelson Onana, already scored after less than 120 seconds. Tanguy Cosyns equalized before the break but Loïck Luypaert made it 2-1 from the penalty spot in the 50th minute. But once again, Cosyns demonstrated the quality of his finish and offered a good point to the defending champions.

Daring – Leopold: 1-2. 

The 3 points won during this delicate trip to Molenbeek will perhaps weigh heavily in the balance at the time of the final count. Indeed, after Daniel Bell’s opener, on pc, from the 23rd minute, the Ucclois had to wait until the last 10 minutes to pick up the score via Gaspard Baumgarten before Dylan Englebert finally allowed Leo to sign his 4th victory by scoring a capital goal in the 65th minute, on a penalty phase. Agustin Corradini’s men, who suffered on Sunday, will have to confirm their good start to the championship, at home, next week, by receiving a team from Orée in total confidence.

The Flandriens occupy the lead of the competition

Uccle Sport – Ghent: 2-4.

The Flandriens did not flinch during their visit to the promoted. They confirmed their success on Thursday, during their advanced meeting against Herakles, by lining up a 5th victory in 6 matches. They therefore occupy the head of the Honor Division with 15 points and one duel more than their pursuer, Leopold. Facing the Blackbirds, after taking the lead on a penalty from Luke Mandeley (12th), then having suffered an equalizer from Mallory Magnant, the Gantois finally took off via Antoine Kina (53rd), Charles Masson (61st) and Timothée Clément (68th). The last goal scored by Mallory Magnant, at the last minute of play, did not change anything. Enough to calmly approach the introduction to EHL, Thursday (2:30 p.m.), in Hamburg, against the Swiss of Rotweiss Wettingen. La Gantoise will do everything possible to join Racing,

Dragons – Old Club: 7-6. 

The show was there in Brasschaat since the supporters were able to feast with 13 goals. And contrary to what some might have thought, the promoted from Liège did much better than defending themselves against Antwerp who did not manage to kill the game when they were still leading with a 4-goal lead in the 51st minute. But the visitors never gave up and they believed in it until the end, hoping to bring back, until the final whistle, at least one unit from their journey in the Antwerp suburbs. The goalscorers of the day: Blake Govers (2), Max Luyten (2), Simon Gougnard, Nicolas Della Torre and Henri Raes for the local team; Charl Ulrich (2), Luke Holmes, Tanguy Tambwe (2) and Pierre De Moor for the visitors.

Herakles – Leuven: 7-1.

The Lierrois did not go into detail against a very dull opponent and little concerned by the debates. It was Dylan Thomas who launched the hostilities (4th) before the Italian international Manuel Mondo doubled his team’s lead (12th). There was only for the local team which accentuated its advance on a stroke of Nicolas De Kerpel (17th). Five minutes later, Amaury Keusters did not need to be asked to also put his stone to the building. Leuven seemed to be off their game with far too much waste in their game and an impressive amount of ball loss. After the break, while the visitors had to react to avoid the correction, it was still the Lierrois who were the most inspired and who scored number 5 via Amaury Keusters. Nicolas De Kerpel scored his second goal of the afternoon from the penalty spot (39th) before the Croatian international defender, Mario Mucic, saved the honor for the Universitaires. But it was ultimately the Red Lions striker who scored a hat-trick in the 63rd minute and set the final score. A 3rd success for the Lierrois (who have one more match) which allows them to move up the rankings and confirm that they have the cards in hand to possibly join the fight for a place in the playoffs.

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