EHL: The Final Round and Ranking Cup

The final round of the Euro Hockey League starts tomorrow. The ladies are experiencing their second edition of the most important European club tournament under the flag of the EHL, where the men are already starting their fourteenth edition. Four Dutch teams are participating in the Wagener Stadium in Amstelveen: the ladies from Den Bosch and Amsterdam and the gentlemen from Bloemendaal and Kampong. Tickets are on sale here.

In addition to the final round in Amstelveen, an EHL tournament is scheduled for this week. The EHL Ranking Cup will be played in Terrassa, Spain, from Friday, April 15. On the grounds of Club Egara, Rotterdam is the only Dutch representative in the field of eight clubs.

What happened in the last women’s EHL edition?

The very first edition of the EHL for women’s teams was won by Den Bosch. The team from Brabant took their seventeenth European club prize by beating the Spanish Club Campo de Madrid 5-0 in the final.

In the semi-finals, Den Bosch was too strong for Amsterdam after taking shoot-outs. The Bossche formation faced a 1-0 deficit in regular time, before Frédérique Matla balanced the teams with just over a minute left on the clock. In the shoot-outs, Amsterdam missed twice and Den Bosch scored four out of four.

Amsterdam then seized the bronze by beating the German Der Club an der Alster 4-2. The duel will mainly be etched in the memory as the match in which Eva de Goede had an unfortunate fall and broke her wrist.

image 19 - EHL: The Final Round and Ranking Cup - What you need to know about the EHL Final Round and the EHL Ranking Cup @worldsportpics_
Den Bosch will win the first edition of the EHL with the ladies in 2021. Photo: Koen Suyko

What happened during the last men’s EHL edition?

Bloemendaal captured the EHL title for the fourth time in history. In the final, which was temporarily halted due to snowfall, Atlètic Terrassa from Spain was defeated 5-2.

The Sparrows had reached the final after winning shoot-outs against the Belgian Royál Leopold. Bloemendaal goalkeeper Mauris Visser played a leading role by reversing an awarded penalty shot in Maxime Plennevaux’s shoot-out series. The Belgians finished the tournament in third place after Uhlenhorst Mülheim was beaten 4-2 after a 2-0 deficit, thanks in part to three goals from a penalty corner by Max Muschs.

Who are participating?

The women’s field consists of eight teams. In addition to the two Dutch teams Den Bosch and Amsterdam, these are two Spanish teams, Club Campo de Madrid and Junior FC, Düsseldorfer HC (Ger), Gantoise HC (Bel), Pegasus (Irl) and Surbiton HC (Eng).

In the men’s category, twelve clubs would initially participate, but because Dinamo Ak-Bars from Russia and the Belarusian HC Minsk are excluded from participation due to the war in Ukraine, ‘only’ ten teams are participating: Bloemendaal, Kampong, Atlètic Terrassa (Spa), Club Campo de Madrid (Spa), Uhlenhorst Mülheim (Ger), Rot-Weiss Köln (Ger), KHC Dragons (Bel), SV Arminen (Oos), Saint-Germain HC (Fra) and Surbiton HC (Eng ).

Due to the absence of Dinamo Ak-Bars and HC Minsk, SV Arminen and Atlètic Terrassa have been given a walk-over. They play against Club Campo de Madrid and Bloemendaal respectively. That last game is a repeat of last season’s EHL final.

image 18 - EHL: The Final Round and Ranking Cup - What you need to know about the EHL Final Round and the EHL Ranking Cup @worldsportpics_
AMSTELVEEN – Arthur van Doren (Bldaal) tijdens de halve finale wedstrijd mannen EURO HOCKEY LEAGUE (EHL), HC Bloemendaal- Royal Leopold Club (Bel)(1-1) Bloemendaal wint shoot outs en plaatst zich voor de finale. COPYRIGHT KOEN SUYK

Previous editions

Overview of the last five editions for the ladies
2016: 1.Den Bosch 2.SCHC 3.UHC Hamburg
2017: 1.Den Bosch 2.UHC Hamburg 3.Amsterdam
2018: 1.Den Bosch 2.UHC Hamburg 3.Club de Campo
2019: 1.Amsterdam 2.Real Sociedad 3.Der Club an der Alster
2021: 1.Den Bosch 2.Club Campo de Madrid 3.Amsterdam
Overview of the last five editions for men
2016: 1.Kampong 2.Amsterdam 3.Harvestehuder THC
2017: 1.Rot-Weiss Köln 2.Orange-Red 3.KHC Dragons
2018: 1.Bloemendaal 2.Kampong 3.Rotterdam
2019: 1.Waterloo Ducks 2.Rot-Weiss Köln 3.Mannheimer HC
2021: 1.Bloemendaal 2.Atlètic Terrassa 3.Royal Léopold Club

And then there’s the EHL Ranking Cup

A second EHL club tournament will be played in Terrassa, Spain, from Friday, April 15: the EHL Ranking Cup. This tournament is an outgrowth of the previous EHL season. Then the European club tournament was only completed in October 2021 due to the corona pandemic.

As a result, the new EHL season could not be started during that period. The group matches for the 2021-2022 season should actually be played in October. For the current EHL season, only Easter remained as the game date. Because it was not possible to have twenty teams play in that short period of time, the tournament was divided into two tournaments: EHL FINAL12 and the EHL Ranking Cup.

The eight participating teams in the EHL Ranking Cup will eventually compete for thirteenth place in the EHL final standings. The rankings are important for the country ranking and therefore for the allocation of European places for the upcoming EHL tournaments. The more points a country scores through its club(s), the more clubs from that country qualify for the most important European club tournament.

Who are all participating?

In addition to host Club Egara and the Dutch representative Rotterdam, Grange HC (Sco), Hampstead & Westminster (Eng), Mannheimer HC (Ger), Post SV (Oos), Three Rock Rovers (Irl) and Waterloo Ducks (Bel) are taking part.

Where can the tournaments be seen?

The European club tournaments can be followed live via www.eurohockeytv.org . Unlike the EHL Ranking Cup, the matches of the EHL FINAL12 and FINAL8 are not free to watch. An event pass, with which all 23 matches in the Wagener Stadium can be seen, costs 9.99 euros.

The NOS will also broadcast a number of matches live on television during the EHL tournament in Amstelveen, including the first semifinal on Saturday April 16 and both finals on Monday April 18. In addition, the matches Kampong-Uhlenhorst Mülheim (April 13 at 6:30 PM), Atlètic Terrassa-Bloemendaal (April 14 at 7:15 PM) and Amsterdam-Club Campo de Madrid (April 15 at 4 PM) can be seen live on NOS.nl and in the NOS app.

Schedule EHL Final8-Women

#Date TimeContest
915-4-2022 09:30Ghent – ​​HC Surbiton (KO8)
1015-4-2022 11:30Den Bosch – Pegasus (KO8)
1215-4-2022 16:00Amsterdam – Club Campo de Madrid (KO8)
1315-4-2022 18:15Düsseldorfer HC – Junior FC (KO8)
1516-4-2022 11:30Loser 10 – Loser 9 (Ranking Match)
1616-4-2022 13:45Winner 10 – Winner 9 (Semi-final)
1917-4-2022 09:30Loser 13 – Loser 12 (Ranking Match)
2017-4-2022 11:45Winner 13 – Winner 12 (Semi-final)
2318-4-2022 09:15Loser 16 – Loser 20 (Third/Fourth place)
2518-4-2022 13:45Winner 16 – Winner 20 (Final)

Schedule EHL Final12-Men

#Date TimeContest
313-4-2022 16:15Saint-Germain – HC Surbiton (KO12)
413-4-2022 18:30Kampong – Uhlenhorst Mülheim (KO12)
614-4-2022 14:45Club Campo de Madrid – SV Arminen (KO8)
714-4-2022 17:00Loser 3 – Loser 4 (Ranking Match)
814-4-2022 19:15Atlètic Terrassa – Bloemendaal (KO8)
1115-4-2022 13:45Winner 3 – KHC Dragons (KO8)
1415-4-2022 20:30Rot-Weiss Cologne – Winnaar 4 (KO8)
1716-4-2022 16:00Winner 6 – Winner 8 (Semi-final)
1816-4-2022 18:15Loser 6 – Loser 8 (Ranking Match)
2117-4-2022 14:00Winner 14 – Winner 11 (Semi-final)
2217-4-2022 16:15Loser 14 – Loser 11 (Ranking Match)
2418-4-2022 11:30Loser 21 – Loser 17 (Third/Fourth place)
2618-4-2022 16:15Winner 21 – Winner 17 (Final)

Schedule EHL Ranking Cup

#Date TimeContest
115-4-2022 12:00Post SV – Club Egara (KO8)
215-4-2022 14:15Rotterdam – Three Rock Rovers (KO8)
315-4-2022 16:30Mannheimer HC – Hampstead & Westminster (KO8)
415-4-2022 18:45Grange HC – Waterloo Ducks (KO8)
516-4-2022 15:00Loser 2 – Loser 1 (5th-8th playoffs)
616-4-2022 17:45Loser 3 – Loser 4 (5th-8th playoffs)
717-4-2022 12:00Winner 2 – Winner 1 (Semi-final)
817-4-2022 14:15Winner 3 – Winner 4 (Semi-final)
918-4-2022 09:30Loser 6 – Loser 5 (Seventh/Eighth place)
1018-4-2022 11:45Winner 6 – Winner 5 (Fifth/Sixth Place)
1118-4-2022 14:00Loser 8 – Loser 7 (Third/Fourth place)
1218-4-2022 16:15Winner 8 – Winner 7 (Final)

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