England: Adult Club Championships | 4-6 May | Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

Match Schedule

The match schedule is available to download (Page 9) as well as live updates on Altiusrt.


  • 10.00 Women’s Over 35s Tier 2 Final PITCH 1 – Plymouth Marjon or Old Georgians (20 Apr) v Surbiton Sloths
  • 11.00 Women’s Over 45s Tier 2 Final PITCH 2 – Herne Bay Ladies O45 Invicta v Wycombe O45
  • 12.00 Men’s Over 50s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1 – Reading v Canterbury
  • 13.00 Men’s Over 50s Tier 2 Final PITCH 2 – Khalsa Leamington v Kingswinford
  • 14.00 Women’s Over 35s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1  – Didsbury Northern v Sutton Coldfield
  • 15.00 Men’s Over 40s Tier 2 Final PITCH 2 – Amersham & Chalfont v Solihull
  • 16.00 Women’s Over 55s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1 – Bournemouth & Dorset Wanderers v Kettering
  • 17.00 Women’s Over 55s Tier 2 Final PITCH 2 – Bedford v Harleston Magpies
  • 18.00 Women’s Over 45s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1 – Sevenoaks v St Albans

SUNDAY 05 MAY 2024

  • 10.00 Men’s Over 40s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1 – Ben Rhydding v Khalsa Leamington or Ipswich (21 Apr)
  • 12.00 Men’s Tier 3 Final PITCH 1 – West Bridgford 2 v Stokesley 1
  • 14.00 Men’s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1 – Beeston 1 v Banbury 1
  • 16.00 Men’s Tier 2 Final PITCH 1 – East Grinstead 2 or Southgate 2 (20 Apr) v Leek 1
  • 18.00 Men’s Tier 4 Final PITCH 1 – Lindum 3 v Hailsham 1

MONDAY 06 MAY 2024

  • 10.00 Women’s Tier 4 Final PITCH 1 – Knole Park 2 v Preston 2 or University of Bath (20 Apr)
  • 12.00 Women’s Tier 3 Final PITCH 1 – Cheam 1 or Loughborough Stu 3 (27 Apr) v Loughborough Stu 5 or Guernsey LBG (20 Apr)
  • 14.00 Women’s Tier 1 Final PITCH 1 – Holcombe 1 v Beeston 1
  • 16.00 Women’s Tier 2 Final PITCH 1 – Knole Park 1 v Sheffield 1 or Swindon 1 (20 Apr)

Tickets can be purchased from our official ticketing site.

We advise purchasing in advance as prices will increase on the day.

For events at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, please note there is NO SPECTATOR PARKING. If spectators are travelling by car, we recommend parking at Stratford International or Westfield shopping centre and either walking or getting a taxi to the venue.

Please visit the ‘Getting To Our Venues’ section of our website for more information on public and active transport routes to the venue.

Should you require blue badge parking for the event please email transport@englandhockey.co.uk

The venue have the following policy with regards to spectators bringing bags to events at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. 

Any bags brought into the venue should be soft-sided and be able to fit under a seat. Large bags, such as holdalls, suitcases, wheeled trolleys or similar over 40cm x 30xm x 30cm will not be permitted into the venue. 

In Summary  

  • No bags larger than 40cm x 30cm x 30cm. 
  • Permitted bags must be soft-sided and be able to fit under the seat. 
  • No holdalls, suitcases or wheeled trolleys. 
  • There is no bag drop facility at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. 

Full conditions of entry can be found here. For the safety of spectators, event security will conduct security searches and reserve the right to refuse admission and confiscate items.

There are various food and drink options available throughout the event. 

  • Container Bar – Open from 11am each day
  • Fish n Chips – open from gates open: Serving Breakfast Baps, coffee, tea, and fish n’ chips.
  • East Stand Kiosk – open from gates open: Serving Beer, Cider, Spirits, Hot Dogs, Dorito Nachos along with gluten free and vegan offering.

Can I bring food inside? 
Yes! Each person can bring in a small amount of food.  

This includes a 500ml bottle of water (that can be refilled in the venue from the water refill stations) as well as two snacks. 

Examples of these snacks include a standard size bag of sweets, crisps, chocolate or snack bars and fruit. 

If you have any medical dietary issues that means you require to bring your own food and drink into the venue, please contact events@englandhockey.co.uk for an exemption letter.

by England Hockey

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