DANAS in the semifinals! Without conceding a goal to win the group

22. August 2023

The German hockey ladies are the first in group B and have not conceded a goal in the semi-finals of the European Championship at home. National coach Valentin Altenburg’s team clearly won the third group game against Ireland 5-0. The goals were scored by Sonja Zimmermann, Pauline Heinz, Jette Fleschütz and twice by Nike Lorenz. In the semifinals on Thursday at 8 p.m. (24 August), the DHB selection will meet Belgium.

Videocredits: DHB

1st half

Tormaschine Zimmermann
Ireland started with a deep coverage against the German structure. Nevertheless, DANAS managed to get into the Irish women’s circle of fire early in the game. The first yield came in the sixth minute. Pauline Heinz took out a penalty corner. The German women opted for the 90-degree variant. Nike Lorenz served Sonja Zimmermann, who scored her fourth tournament goal. New intermediate score: 1:0. Shortly after the restart there was the next penalty corner, this time for Ireland. The shot hit the left inner post. Lucky for the team of national coach Valentin Altenburg, who had a slight advantage in the first quarter. The first quarter of an hour ended with the 1:0.

Germany keep Ireland out
In the second quarter, it took a good two minutes for Germany to be awarded the next penalty corner. Lisa Nolte found an Irish foot in the opposing circle. A variant via Anne Schröder could not extend the lead. Even a good chance for Amelie Wortmann, who finished free, didn’t make it 2-0. The hockey ladies had a lot of possession and little from Ireland. In the 23rd minute, Pauline Heinz put the ball in front of her with a great first contact. She finished with the forehand and scored the long overdue 2-0 for DANAS. Ireland now needed four goals to reach the semi-finals. However, they didn’t have many chances to score. The German national team went into the dressing room with a comfortable 2-0 lead.

19130 WP62308224427 - GERMANY: DANAS IN THE SEMIFINALS! - DANAS in the semifinals! Without conceding a goal to win the group

2nd half

Ireland with 12 field players early
Ireland had the first chance to score in the second half. After a counterattack, they finished from the half-right side of the shooting circle. Noelle Rother, who came on at half-time, parried with her first action at the home European Championship. Shortly afterwards, Lena Micheel had the chance to make it 3-0. Hannah Granitzki had asserted herself well and played the ball in the direction of the far post. Michele just missed. Ireland played bolder overall in the second half, but Germany remained the better side. Just before the end of the third quarter, the Irish took their goalkeeper off the field to have one more field player. They now had to risk everything to reach the semifinals after all. But in this quarter nothing more happened on either side.

lid on it
The last quarter also started without a goalkeeper in the Irish goal. Both teams neutralized each other in the first few minutes. Germany didn’t allow anything defensively, but didn’t get any significant chances when outnumbered. It was not until the 51st minute that Germany were awarded a penalty corner. Nike Lorenz took care of the matter and shot the ball high into the goal. The 3:0 for the DANAS. The same game in the 52nd minute. Another penalty corner for Germany. Identical to her first goal, Nike Lorenz scored her brace. In the 53rd minute, a penalty corner for Ireland turned into a counterattack for the German team. Pauline Heinz unselfishly placed the ball on Jette Fleschütz, who only had to push into the empty goal. 5:0 from a German point of view, whereupon Ireland replaced the goalkeeper again.

19129 WP62308224661 - GERMANY: DANAS IN THE SEMIFINALS! - DANAS in the semifinals! Without conceding a goal to win the group

votes on the game

Videocredits: DHB

Kira Horn: “The win feels incredibly good, especially in this stadium. It probably wasn’t a nice game today and didn’t go the way we wanted it to. Nevertheless we win 5:0. It feels great and gives us a good feeling for the semifinals.”

Game details

Germany 5-0 (2-0) Ireland

22.08.2023, SparkassenPark Mönchengladbach

1st quarter
7th minute – 1:0 Sonja Zimmermann
2nd Quarter
23rd Minute – 2:0 Pauline Heinz
3rd quarter
No goals
4th quarter
51st minute – 3:0 Nike Lorenz
52nd minute – 4:0 Nike Lorenz
53rd minute – 5:0 Jette Fleschütz

More statistics can be found here.


Nr. Name Association
1 Noelle Rother UHC Hamburg
2 Count Horn The club on the Alster
3 Amelie Wortman UHC Hamburg
4 Nike Lorenz Red and White Cologne
5 Selin Oruz Dusseldorfer HC
8 Anne Schroeder The club on the Alster
10 Lisa Nolte Dusseldorfer HC
11 Lena Micheel UHC Hamburg
12 Charlotte Stapenhorst SV Zehlendorfer wasps
16 Sonja Zimmerman HC Bloomendaal
17 Pauline Heinz Mannheim HC
20 Julia Sunday Red and White Cologne
22 Cecile Pieper HOC Gazellen Combination
25 Victoria Houses The club on the Alster
27 Stine Kurz Mannheim HC
28 Jette Fleschütz Flottbeker GHTC
30 Hanna Granitzki The club on the Alster
31 Linnea Weidemann Berliner HC

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