India: ‘Hockey India’s relentless efforts in enhancing the game standards are commendable,’ says Hockey Punjab Captain Harmanpreet Singh after winning the 13th Hockey India Senior Men National Championship 2023

~ Harmanpreet also hailed the competitive edge prevalent in the domestic hockey scene in India ~

New Delhi, 29th November 2023: The conclusion of the 13th Hockey India Senior Men National Championship 2023 on Tuesday brought forth a captivating showdown, leaving Indian Men’s Hockey Team Captain and Hockey Punjab Skipper Harmanpreet Singh brimming with admiration for the exceptional standard of the tournament. Steering the victorious team, Hockey Punjab, Harmanpreet expressed profound praise for the tournament’s high standards following their well-fought shootout victory against Hockey Haryana in the title-deciding clash, which came after the game was tied at 2-2 (9-8 SO) at the end of regulation time.

Harmanpreet, who finished as the top scorer for Hockey Punjab in the tournament by netting nine goals, hailed the competitive edge prevalent in the domestic hockey scene. “The Final match truly portrays the escalating competitiveness within domestic hockey,” he said before adding, “The quality of hockey being played in the country has improved drastically and the remarkable exhibition of skills by individual players surpasses any previous displays.” 

The 27-year-old defender, pivotal in the national squad, lauded Hockey India for its instrumental role in elevating the sport’s stature within the country. “Hockey India’s relentless efforts in enhancing hockey standards are commendable. By adhering to international protocols and standards, this championship almost mirrored an international event, which is a testimony to Hockey India’s efforts in raising the sport to unprecedented levels,” Harmanpreet said. 

Harmanpreet also emphasized the tournament’s potential in honing players’ skills, rectifying weaknesses, and ultimately contributing to the betterment of the Indian national team. “The competition intensity witnessed in this championship will undoubtedly serve as a crucible for refining our players’ abilities and addressing their shortcomings, thereby fortifying the Indian team,” he affirmed. 

Notably, a staggering count of 31 players from India’s core group participated in the 13th Hockey India Senior Men National Championship 2023. Highlighting the impact of elite Indian players gracing the tournament, Harmanpreet reckoned an upsurge in the players’ prowess, foreseeing an unparalleled escalation in Indian hockey’s stature on the global platform. 

“The presence of numerous Indian international players in this tournament signifies a trajectory towards an unparalleled standard. I firmly believe this will propel Indian hockey to uncharted heights, amplifying our prowess on the international stage,” Harmanpreet concluded optimistically. 

By Hockey India

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