Last year she played in the big league at Bloemendaal. This season, former youth international Teuntje Horn is one of the driving forces behind HIC, which reached the play-offs. In Amstelveen they once again claimed one of the top spots in the Promotion Class. But with only two wins under their belt, there is still work to be done.

HIC recorded its fourth draw of the season against Huizen. The Amstelveen women took a quick lead. A nice tip-in from – yes – Horn. But after a less strong second quarter in which Huizen came alongside, the goal production of both teams faltered. No three-pointer again. Another point division.

Horn (24) sighed: ‘I actually thought we were the superior party except for that one quarter. We had the most ball possession but didn’t create enough chances. We didn’t really push. And then you get this… Yet another draw.’

Always at the highest level, until this season

Horn has a good track record as a hockey player. The midfielder played in the national Under16 and Under18 teams and was in the big league with Hurley and Bloemendaal. She does not want to reveal anything further about her departure from Bloemendaal. The fact is that during the play-offs last May she was not on the field with ‘her’ Bloemendaal against HIC, but on the sidelines. “I had a problem with the club,” is all Horn says about it.

Teuntje Horn during her time at major leaguer Bloemendaal. Photo: Koen Suyk
Teuntje Horn during her time at major leaguer Bloemendaal. Photo: Koen Suyk

Horn has found her niche at HIC. ‘I expected a team that competes at the top of the competition and has promotion ambitions. That expectation has come true. I think the level is really good. There’s even a lot more to it than what’s coming out now. We often dominate, but we still don’t win enough. I have every confidence that it will come. The potential is there. Moreover, the team is really nice and I live close to the club. I feel at home here.’

Free roll

Coach Ivar Jager sees Horn as a valuable addition to his team. ‘Teuntje is a hockey player through and through. She always goes for the win, does not shy away from a duel and is fierce in her words. In doing so, she wakes up her teammates and gives them a quality boost. Roaming the field, she is dangerous where she can be dangerous. Moreover, she is a good fit for the team. This makes her an added value in everything.’

Horn herself is happy with the freedom Jager gives her. ‘I’m not the best tactically, but I think I can take the team with me in terms of hockey and attack. By introducing creativity and giving an offensive impulse by combining. And when I am freed in my choices, I am at my best.’

Horn scored the opening goal in the match against Huizen. Photo: Edwin JH de Vries/Orange Pictures
Horn scored the opening goal in the match against Huizen. Photo: Edwin JH de Vries/Orange Pictures

HIC is currently stuck in fifth place in the rankings, with ten points from seven games. The teams in the Promotion Class are more close to each other than ever. The difference between runner-up Ring Pass and number ten Push is only four points.

Horn: ‘We would like to be at the top somewhere. I think the nice thing about this competition is that it is so exciting. Cliche but true. Everything is possible. All we have to do is step up. Then I’m sure the points will come automatically.’

by Hockey.nl

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