Pro-League: Young Honamas Lose to Serene Indians

FIH Pro League: India vs. Germany 3:0 (2:0)

With a young team in which ten players played their first game for the Honamas, the Honamas lost 3-0 to sovereign Indians. The goals for the Indians by Singh Harmanpreet (18th/27th) and Abhishek (45th) all came from penalty corners. Coach Andre Hennig’s team will continue on Friday with the second game against the Indians.

German team starts committed – India dominates

The young German team, including ten players who made their debut in national team kit, started with commitment but without creating dangerous situations. As the game progressed, the Indians took control of the game. The Germans survived the first penalty corner for the Indians after six minutes unscathed. After nine minutes, the German men came dangerously into the circle for the first time, but the Indians were able to defuse a cross from Max Silanoglu in dire need.

ADZ9158 - Pro-League: Young Honamas Lose to Serene Indians - FIH Pro League: India vs. Germany 3:0 (2:0)

Just seconds into the second quarter, Paul Smith had the German lead on the racquet but failed to hit the ball properly in the circle. The Indians did better, taking a 1-0 lead through Singh Harmanpreet after a penalty corner in the 18th minute. However, coach Andre Hennig’s team was unimpressed by this, and in the minutes that followed made several dangerous moves in the Indian circle. But the Indians also became dangerous again and again, but goalkeeper Alexander Stadler was able to save another penalty corner (22nd). Five minutes later, the Indians did better, the fourth penalty corner converted again Singh Harmanpreet, who caught the German keeper on the wrong foot.

Germany tried, but unsuccessfully

The Germans were able to make the beginning of the second half evenly balanced. Hannes Müller saw the green card in the 35th minute and put his team outnumbered for two minutes, which the Germans survived unscathed. Three minutes later, Singh Dilpreet had to leave the field for two minutes due to a green card, but the German men were unable to convert their superiority into a goal. Shortly before the end of the third quarter, it was Abhishek who was able to accommodate a penalty corner from the Indians to make it 3-0 in the German goal.

ADZ9255 - Pro-League: Young Honamas Lose to Serene Indians - FIH Pro League: India vs. Germany 3:0 (2:0)

In the last quarter, the German men tried to at least get their own goal. Several crosses sailed into the Indian circle, but without finding a teammate of their own. The Indian keeper was able to parry a shot from Michel Struthoff (53′) with difficulty. Two minutes before the end, the Indian Singh Hardik saw a yellow card after a robust effort, the Indians had to finish the game with ten men. In the end, however, this changed nothing.

The next game for the Honamas is tomorrow, Friday, April 15 at 13:30 CET against India. The Indian Abhishek became “Player of the Match”. 

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