Ireland: EY Hockey League Round 5 Recap

Saturday 15th October


YMCA v Monkstown 2-0 Goals (YMCA: Henderson, Glutz)

0-0 at the end of the first quarter. Monkstown appears to be more threatening on the counter, although YM has the better opportunity. Henderson’s second-quarter goal put YM ahead. Tevin’s exquisite pass to Glutz put him one on one with the goalkeeper, to put it in the back of the net.

Pembroke Wanderers v Banbridge 0-4 Goals (Banbridge: J McKee x2, C Rowe, L Rowe)

Luke Roleston has kept a clean sheet for the second week in a row. After the first quarter, Banbridge lead 1-0. Banbridge players applied heavy pressure, and Matthew McKee’s excellent shot was stopped by the goalkeeper. Still, Banbridge goes up 3-0 with goals from C Rowe and J McKee. Louis Rowe scores once again in the fourth quarter.

Annadale v Three Rock Rovers 4-3 Goals (Annadale: A McAllister x 2, S Pinion, D Tremlett; Three Rock Rovers: R Dunlop; J Walker; A Empey)

Annadale close out Q1 with a gaol on the board but TRR quickly equalised with a deflection at the back post. TRR took the lead after halftime. In the 49th minute, A McAllister gave Annadale a second goal. Outstanding work by T Cross across to McAllister to finish. TRR push back to make it 3-3 but Annadale takes the lead in the last quarter to finish 4-3.

Cookstown v Glenanne 2-6 Goals (Cookstown: Dingley, Cruickshank; Glenanne: Couse x3, O’Donoghue x 2, Cleak)

Glenanne take the lead at the end of the first quarter. Cookstown fought back in the second half to get a score on the board 1-3. Dingley and Cruickshank scored the finishing goals for Gleanne as the game concluded 2-6.

Lisnagarvey v Instonians 4-1 Goals (Lisnagarvey: O Kidd; M Connor x2; M Aughey; Instonians: T Orr)

The end of Q1 was Instonians with the best likelihood but Garvey started to get a better grasp. They gain an advantage and Garvey gets another corner. After the rebound, Matthew Aughey makes it 2-0. Following a brilliant play by Mackenzie the game finishes up 4-1.


Picture: Old Alex (M Power) v Pegasus (K McKee) - By Adrian Boehm
Picture: Old Alex (M Power) v Pegasus (K McKee) – By Adrian Boehm

Catholic Institute v Pembroke Wanderers 2-1 Goals (Catholic Institute: C Moloney, N Carroll; Pembroke Wanderers: O Macken)

10 minutes in Pembroke take the lead with Institute close behind. After Halftime Institute leads with Aoibhinn Collins making a fantastic pass to Naomi Carroll.

UCD v Monkstown 5-1 Goals (UCD: N Carey, A Naughton, K Egan, CJ Marshall, C Cope, S Cole; Monkstown: S Moore)

UCD set out against Monkstown and scored a flurry of goals. Monkstown held against them strong and scored in the final period.

Old Alex v Pegasus 1-1 Goal (Old Alex: M Power; Pegasus L McKee)

The first quarter ended scoreless for Old Alex and Pegasus. Lucy McKee took the lead for Pegasus. After halftime a rocket from inside the circle from Mikayla enters the goal, making the score 1-1.

Loreto v Belfast Harlequins 5-0 Goals (Loreto: Y Pratt; Torrans; R Kelly; S O Brien x 2)

After two minutes Loreto appears on the board with a goal. A nice interception finds Y Pratt, who scores for Loreto. At halftime Loreto lead 3-0 and keep fighting in the third quarter to put 2 more goals on the board.

Railway Union v Ards 2-2 Goals (Railway Union: A O’Leary x2; Ards: S Kidd, A Carson) Railway and Ards had a close fight. End-to-end play with Railway having the advantage in possession and chances, but Ards played strong defence and made some of their own toward halftime. Following a solid effort from Lily Lloyd, Ali O’Leary scores for Railway. For Ards, Sophia Kidd achieved the equaliser. A well-placed strike into the corner by Ali O’Leary brought the score to 1-1 at the end of the third quarter. Ali Carson scores a goal to even the score in the final push of the match.

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