Belgium: ION Hockey League- Gantoise and Léopold take care of the show

The first two teams in the ION Hockey League standings all won at the end of the 8th day of the men’s hockey championship on Sunday, widening the gap a little more with their direct pursuers.

Things are starting to get clearer in the Honor Division with 2 teams distancing themselves from the pursuers but above all making an impression. The Ucclois can rely on an impressive Tom Boon while the Flandriens display brilliant regularity.

Racing – Ghent: 1-6.

The shock of this 8th day of competition in the men’s Honor Division turned to the advantage of the Flandriens who left only crumbs to their opponents of the day during their visit to Uccle. However, it was the local players who struck first via Tanguy Cosyns on a pc suite (5th). But the visitors’ reaction was quick and Charles Masson equalized just before the quarter hour mark. The meeting was balanced and pleasant and it was Timothée Clément who gave the Gantoise the advantage when we played the 20th minute. Then, over time, it was Pascal Kina’s proteges who showed themselves to be more and more inspired and above all realistic in counter-attacks. Guillaume Hellin scored number 3, 7 minutes before returning to the locker room. Ghent closed ranks and Racing only very rarely managed to worry the opposing goalkeeper. Sean Murray, for his part, did not hesitate to increase the score in the 46th minute. It was then Antoine Kina (penalty phase) then Roman Duvekot who allowed their team to sign a 7th success and consolidate their 2nd place in the standings.

Waterloo Ducks – Louvain : 4-1.

Jean Willems’ proteges have just signed a 9 out of 9 after a difficult start to the competition. Deprived of the French international Blaise Rogeau but also of Louis De Bakker, the Watducks tried to offer a diligent and structured match even if there was far too much technical waste during the 70 minutes to make life easier for the team. local. Victor Charlet’s first goal from the penalty spot in the 4th minute should have allowed Waterloo to unfold but it was nothing despite a certain control over the game. In the second half, Loïc Sidler doubled his team’s lead before Gaëtan Dykmans does not place his team on velvet. Mario Mucic put a little pressure on the local team, from the penalty spot (49th) but the visitors lacked the argument to pick up the score. 2 minutes from the final whistle,

Braxgata – Oree: 1-1.

As often in the case of sharing, no one was satisfied with the final result of the meeting. The people of Brussels had nevertheless taken the initiative in the exchanges and proved to be the most dangerous during the first period, but they lacked the percussion in front of goal to materialize this advantage at the scorer. Upon returning from the locker room, it was Max Langer (42nd) who finally managed to deceive the vigilance of Tobias Walter. An opener that freed the Antwerpers who were, finally, more enterprising and who equalized 180 seconds later via Ben Walker. The Brax did try to force the decision but they could not register a second goal despite 10 pc over the whole match.

Leopold – Herakles: 10-2. 

The Ucclois still remain undefeated at the end of this 8th day after having proposed a new offensive demonstration against the totally powerless Lierrois. Tom Boon was the first to strike from the penalty spot when the game had not started for 120 seconds. But the visitors reacted and Arthur de Borrekens put the 2 teams equal. At the quarter of an hour, Tom Boon took care of his statistics and offered himself a double, still on pc The Red Lions striker was hot to offer a 5-star performance since he was going to add 2 new beautiful goals to his pocket. Then, Gaspard Baumgarten signed number 5 before the break. In the second half, Tom Degroote added to the score before Manuel Mondi Diaz reduced the penalty mark. Gaspard Baumgarten scored twice before Tom Boon struck for the 5th time. Gauthier Boccard scored the 9th goal before Boon punctuated his afternoon with a 6th achievement, the 24th of the season!

Old Club – Uccle Sport : 1-3.

The duel between the graduates turned to the advantage of the people of Brussels, who were more realistic and more inspired during this crucial match for maintaining them at the end of the season. A victory won with panache after having controlled a good part of the debates. Mallory Magnant (23rd) then Juan Amoroso, from the penalty spot (28th) offered a deserved advantage to the visitors after the first period. Cédric Mushiete widened the gap again after the break (38th) before the Liégeois finally woke up. Luke Holmes gave a little interest to the debates but the Ucclois remained well focused on their subject despite several local possibilities.

Dragons – Daring : 4-0.

The Antwerpers were not worried to sign their 5th success of the season. They controlled the proceedings and they scored with some regularity via Robbert Rubens, Nicolas Della Torre, Lucas Martinez and Henri Raes. A result which allows them, thanks to the defeat of Racing, to occupy 3rd place in the general classification.

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