EHF: EuroHockey heartened by big strides in equality, diversity and inclusivity

EuroHockey is heartened to see a series of important strides taken in the commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity in our sport.

Key among those steps, the All-In & Win expert meeting in Barcelona – organised by the Federacio Catalana de Hockey – brought together powerful voices as the project develops momentum. 

All In & Win is a joint project between hockey and football with the objective to contribute to LGBT+ acceptance in sport, creating a safe and inclusive climate.

It forms a significant next phase in EuroHockey’s Equally Amazing Charter which aims to ensure everyone, at every level, from the pitch to the boardroom, gets access to the same opportunities, no matter of gender, age, race, religion, or skill level.

“Enhancing diversity is a key priority for EuroHockey,” said EuroHockey President Marijke Fleuren.

“Our vision for the future of hockey in Europe is a thriving, diverse and growing community and our goal is for a legendary advance in diversity across all areas of the community from those who take part in the sport, those who lead and drive our sport and those at the top levels of the sport.”

For Pride month’s EuroHockey Institute Podcast, we have the incredible Nikki Symmons.

A groundbreaker in numerous realms; a Yahoo & Involve Outstanding LGBTQ Role Model 2021 & 2022, a dual Irish international across hockey and cricket, an ambassador with Athlete Ally, an inclusion and diversity advisor and, of course, a EuroHockey Hall of Famer.

In the wider realm of inclusivity, EuroHockey was thrilled to see a wide range of teams from Member National Associations compete in hockey’s first appearance at the Special Olympics World Games.

This culminated in an agreement between the Special Olympics and the International Hockey Federation (FIH) dedicated to the development of hockey for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A day later, hockey celebrated the second edition of the FIH Inclusion and Diversity Day, renewing the commitment towards making hockey inclusive and accessible to all.

At the start of Pro League matches, the following statement was being read out by captains of the national squads, to reinforce the spirit of this occasion:

No matter your gender …

No matter your ethnic background …

No matter your physical or intellectual abilities …

No matter your sexual orientation …

No matter your age …

… EVERYONE is welcome in hockey!

Diversity is wealth.

Inclusion must be the norm.

YOU, WE, EVERYONE are #HockeyEquals!

Reflecting on the initiatives, Fleuren added: “These are significant and important steps being taken on a number of stages as we continue to push the Equally Amazing agenda.

“I am so thrilled to see the hockey world embracing these initiatives and making our sport a welcoming place for all.”

Photograph: Ralf Kuckuck, Berlin 2023

by European Hockey Federation

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