In a long-time mediocre duel with the United States, which only came to fruition in the last quarter, it was clear for three quarters on Saturday afternoon in London that the Orange was not at full strength, because national coach Paul van Ass gave six decisive internationals a rest. The 6-0 win over the number eight in the FIH Pro League was a good time to see other players at work.

Canadian referee Tyler Klenk’s index fingers pointed at the United States’ goal at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Center after just twelve seconds of playing hockey. In the end, it turned out not to be the only time that the Orange scored a penalty corner in this match. The Netherlands was allowed to moor six times in total. Without the two specialists Yibbi Jansen and Frédérique Matla, real killers were missing at the head of the circle, but if this jam-packed Pro League month has one advantage, it is that national coach Paul van Ass gives the opportunity to other players as well. let prove.

In addition to Jansen and Matla, four other decisive players, Felice Albers, Xan de Waard, Josine Koning and Maria Verschoor, also got a rest. Kyra Fortuin and Lidewij Welten stayed behind in the Netherlands due to (minor) hamstring complaints. Compared to the four-part in Eindhoven, Pien Sanders, Rosa Fernig, Marente Barentsen and Julia Remmerswaal made their comeback. Fernig has recovered from the hamstring injury she sustained just before the playoffs. Marleen Jochems, who had a ball against her train in Eindhoven and suffered a fracture, also made her comeback.

The Netherlands cheers after Pien Dicke's 1-0. Photo: Worldsportpics/Frank Uijlenbroek
The Netherlands cheers after Pien Dicke’s 1-0. Photo: Worldsportpics/Frank Uijlenbroek

A fairly mediocre first half for the Orange

The first corner that the Dutch were allowed to take, went wide via a flat from defender Sabine Plönissen. The second corner, again taken by Plönissen, was run out. But now it was Hurley player Jochems who picked up the ball and served attacker Pien Dicke at the far post: 1-0. Dicke’s seventh goal in the Dutch national team. The third penalty corner that the Orange took in the first quarter was not converted.

After the Netherlands failed to take further distance via Joosje Burg, it was goalkeeper Julia Remmerswaal who saved an American shot at the start of the second quarter. Burg then made it 2-0 in the second quarter, by turning away from her opponent on the edge of the circle and hitting with her backhand, via the stick of American defender Jacqueline Sumfest. Plönissen then flattened Orange’s fourth penalty corner hard on the post. Remmerswaal prevented a goal from the United States before the break, on a shot by Megan Rodgers.

When national coach Paul van Ass was asked in front of the television cameras at half-time if he was satisfied, he answered resolutely no. He called the two goals that the Orange had scored ugly. The pace of the ball was also too slow. Of course, it had a lot to do with the key players who were not taken to London by him.

Marleen Jochems played with a mask due to a fracture in her face. Photo: Worldsportpics/Frank Uijlenbroek
Marleen Jochems played with a mask due to a fracture in her face. Photo: Worldsportpics/Frank Uijlenbroek

The Orange accelerates in the last quarter: from 2-0 to 6-0

Halfway through the third quarter, the Netherlands finally created a nice attack. The ball went smoothly from stick to stick, via Luna Fokke and Laura Nunnink to Marijn Veen and Joosje Burg. Burg then failed to make it 3-0 from close range. The fifth penalty corner, again via Plönissen, was also stopped.

Defender Renée van Laarhoven gave the start of an attractive and goal-rich last quarter in the fourth quarter, by pushing a penalty ball into the roof of the goal: 3-0. Twenty seconds later, Pien Dicke tipped in at the far post from a Marleen Jochems cross to make it 4-0. Marijn Veen made it 5-0 with a handy tap and Luna Fokke determined the final score with a shot in the short corner at 6-0.

The Netherlands will play the second leg against the United States in London on Tuesday. After that, the Orange can prepare for the next intermediate station: the Wagener Stadium, after which the Pro League will be closed in Antwerp at the beginning of July.

by Hockey.nl

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