Pro-League: France Bounce Back To Secure Momentous Victory Against Argentina


After a successful trip to Potchefstroom in South Africa, the Blues of Fred Be want to confirm their world level during the trip for two meetings in Buenos Aires against Argentina. The Blues face Los Leones twice on April 16 and 17 at 11:30 p.m. French time. During the first meeting, the Blues clearly dominated the first 3 quarters while leading 2 goals to 1 before collapsing, in particular, because of indiscipline. 

Argentina 0-2 France

Scorers: Max Branicki, Charles Masson. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The second match in two days for Brieuc Delemazure, who is making his debut as an international A. Noé Joué, freshly arrived from EHL, is playing his first match in place of Benjamin Marqué. Good tricolor started with possession and strong pressure from the start. The Blues get the first chance in front of goal without being able to shoot. Timothée Clément and Étienne Tynevez were present (2′). The Argentinians responded very quickly with two shots in the circle (3′). Excellent double rescue from the Argentinian goalkeeper after a high recovery from the French (8′) Unfortunately, the French attack did not manage to thwart the goalkeeper. The pressing, quite young moreover with Stan Branicki, Gaspard Xavier and Noel Jouin is intense. He ends up paying with a tricolor goal. Max Branicki completes the incursion of Gaspard Xavier who enters the circle from the right (11′ 0-1). Two PCs in response for Los Leones and Arthur Thieffry is illustrated on the second with a magnificent save when he extends his left leg and especially when Charles Masson is on the line (14 ‘). 

Tighter second quarter, which is played in the neutral zone. The teams are disciplined. Note that Max Branicki almost scored a double (25′) with a deflection on a strong pass from François Goyet. Gaspard Baumgarten obtains a PC (28 ‘) a few seconds after the first green card for the Argentinians. Timothée Clément, the PC man in the absence of Victor Charlet, comes up against the Argentinian goalkeeper. 

2021 1295 16068 001 c4 08
Timothée Clément at the reception – Photo credit: FIH 
2021 1295 16068 001 c4 09
Celebration of Max Branicki on his first official goal in the French national team – (c) FIH

The Argentinians, in pursuit of an equalizer, get a good shot at the entrance of the circle but Arthur Thieffry watches over the grain with a deflection from his blocker (34 ‘). The opportunities are rare, the tricolor defensive block is effective. With the favourable score, the Blues leave the game to the Leones more. The latter obtains a PC which passes right next to it (48’) of Arthur Thieffry’s cage. The Blues, however, respond to the pressure with a small corner obtained (51 ‘) on a charge on Timothée Clément. And what a combination! Viktor Lockwood receives, gives a left to Charles Masson who completes! (0-2 52’). The last minutes are stressful, Gaspard Baumgarten receives a yellow card for a substitution infraction. 

1 minute 49 from the end of regulation time, the Blues are at fault: Argentinian PC. But the Blues hold on. And until the end! Victory 2 goals to 0 in Buenos Aires for the players of Fred Be who are rewarded for their two great performances. 

2021 1295 16068 001 c4 02
François Goyet congratulates Charles Masson on his goal – (c) FIH
2021 1295 16068 001 c4 07
Instructions given by Fred Be, coach of the French national team – (c) FIH 

What a solid and intelligent match from the Blues who fully deserve their success. A dominated and solidly managed match, even in the most difficult moments. An important success despite many absentees for the French team which proves once again that it is capable of the best. The continuation will be on May 21 and 22 in London for a double confrontation against England. 


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